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Where I've been, and Stuff and Things(6/13/11)


Hey Internet, this is a blog.

Well, yeah, Iíve been on a hiatus obviously. To come clean, I had been wrapped up in actual life stuff and at the time I didnít really have much to write about nor much to do with the Ďstipend; Iíve been receiving as motivation to more so pursue my interests and such. Thatís not to say I donít enjoy writing and Iím only in this for cash. The cash is very nice, thatís the honest truth. But writing and expressing my opinions that would otherwise be wasted on videogame-deaf ears, is certainly fun. As I was saying, I really just suffered from writerís block, which might just happen again. If it does, Iíll soldier on, because now I have a consistent goal; A 3DS. When I get it, Iíll probably even have more to write about, making an endless cycle. I also want this really mint, 40something inch replica of Neroís sword from Devil May Cry.

Hot damn

But why do I crave this 3DS so? Several reasons, some of which are probably obvious to those of you seeking/owning and enjoying your own pumped up Nintendo portables. The launch library of games is weak and limited to a few gems hidden among tech demos, minigames and such, but there is an UNDENIABLEY remarkable list of titles coming out this month, this summer, or in the very near future, much in thanks to the bombshell that usually is Nintendoís E3 conference. Specific titles Iím looking out for include Resident Evil Revelations, which appears to be a legit cross between RE1 and RE5(or 4), the latter of which I enjoyed very much and the former of which I never actually played but did laugh at some hilarious voice acting, and of course Mega Man Legends 3. I only need to drop the name of that game to get you hyped up. If it isnít apparent at this point, Iím a big Capcom fan, and I have thought about writing a little love letter blog just for them.

On another E3 note, I was originally going to address the enormous and embarrassing E3 Kinect push from Microsoft for this blog, but since Iím on Destructoid, I honestly expect you guys to have long since gotten there before me. Dtoidís full of the rebels, the golden oldies and the hardcore. Iíd just be redundant, as much as I would really, really, really love to trash the Kinect. And Peter Molyneux, I hate that guy with a burning passion and how he hypes up mediocre content like itís the next Titanic, in videogame form or something.

So instead, Iíll tap on what Iíve been playing in the pastÖ four months Iíve been gone. Brink is one of the big ones, a shooter I tried really hard to love. As said in the official Dtoid review, the game was clunky with chokepoints that completely locked down the match. As long as the enemy team was competent and more organized than your team, you would be utterly crushed on the right map while on the right team. Objectives became frustrating, and some classes proved annoyingly similar to each other until you unlock further upgrades, while the Engineer was actually pretty darn strong from the get go. The trials were an interesting idea mainly because of how they explained some parts of the game and immediately unlocked all the gun attachments for you, but with only four of them and a pretty steep difficulty on some of them, it felt like a waste of time for learning elements of the game that would otherwise be basic.

The heavy class in action. Personally I find the restriction of movement, which isn't all that useful in the first place, in exchange for more health and guns, makes the class a little overpowered.

On the other hand of Brink, the running and gunning was fun, character customization was great(however the character models were real ugly in my humble opinion)up until the disappointing level 20 cap, and multiplayer, when it wasnít impossible for one team, was an absolute blast. But enough of that, cuz I basically agree with Dtioid on the whole and that means I'm being redundant.

I also tried out Dragon Age 2, of which I was actually writing a review for before I dropped the blogging. The game was a snore, mixing up a few good things out of Mass Effect 2, and taking out a lot of great things from Dragon Age: Origins. I donít even have to mention the environments and how they never changed from dungeon to dungeon. Rather, Iíd like to bitch about the story, how (spoilers) Anders served no other purpose besides setting up a pointless climactic battle that could have completely been avoided, how Hawke was hyped up for being able to display a number of unique emotions in dialogue but ultimately came down to ĎParagon, Renegade, or Sarcastic,í the last of which trying desperately to appeal to those who loved the clever and subtle script in DA:O.

That dwarf always gave me nightmares.

Of course there was also button mashing, a pointless inventory(why would I get all this armor not usable my class when my teammates canít equip any of it!?), predictable characters that were marketed as SUPER COOL UNIQUE UNPREDICTABLE NOT-STEREOTYPES(though I will admit Merrill had a great conflict), and an okay character creation system. It felt rushed overall. With Biowareís advertisement pushing of the game as if it was an epic masterpiece and big pre-order bonuses, it felt like the big RPG developer had fallen off the wagon into cartoon style corporate greediness. This whole feeling has only been increased during E3. I wasnít impressed with The Old Republic, I never have been.

And last but absolutely not least was Portal 2. Hands down the best game Iíve ever played, or one of the best, since I can never decide on a favorite. That was only until the Co-Op got boring with puzzles Iíve solved a bazillion times. Though you couldnít really blame that on Valve, and I still loved it for how it was. Iím hotly anticipating the DLC. Iíd love to gush about it, but Iím sure if youíre a self-respecting gamer youíve already tasted the delicious pie that is Portal. I loved Wheatley.

Well anyway, in games less worth mentioning I have been having a heyday with game fly, which I have to mention is an amazing service, not that Iím trying to advertise. I played a ton of Dead Rising 2, which I loved to pieces, I picked up good old Lost Planet 2 again, which I enjoyed for a while, I tested the waters in Marvel VS Capcom 3 but ended up getting frustrated as I do with all fighting games(I have no idea why I love fighting games so much when I suck at it horribly), I bought Moon Diver on the Xbox marketplace and enjoyed the retro 2D beat-em-up stuff, and lastly I got Enslaved: Odyssey to the West. I tried really hard to love that game, but honestly I ended up hating it. Combat was slow, over-cinematic, repetitive, while climbing sessions and puzzles were easy and boring. I enjoyed the story and the conflicting relationship between the two main characters, but I ended up stopping about 2/3 through the game, and returned it to run through Resident Evil 5 with a friend.

Complete Global Saturation

And thatís about it. Oh, I also saw Super 8, which I extremely enjoyed and is where I got 'mint' from. Another blog will be coming this week, one with an actual structure and topic. So yeahÖ Iím Drew, I have a blog, and I suck at endings.
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