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Where Nintendo Went Wrong with WiiU

I'm going to be using the phrase YTTH, which will mean “You're Trying too Hard” with this blog, because I'll be using this phrase a lot and it pretty much says what nintendo is doing.

In a way, I hated seeing the wii succeed. I had one, and I enjoyed it, but it's success gave competitors the idea of copying them while improving upon it. It was a pretty dick move by Sony and Microsoft. Microsoft at least tried to make it something all new altogether, while Sony just made it better and made a blatant copy of the wiimote and painted it black. Oh, and added a fancy ball onto it. Is Sony's Move better? I dunno, I've never used one. I'm guessing it is from all that I hear about it.

So now that everyone's done copying Nintendo (for now), Nintendo had to come up with some new revolutionary idea, and quite frankly....

I'm pissed.

The Name

Are we honestly going to do the “add-a-letter-to-the-new-model” thing like we did with the DS? I'd prefer all new names to be honest. And WiiU just sounds terrible no matter how you try pronouncing it. You either say (WEE-YOU) or (WEE-OOH). Neither of those are fluid or enticing. The name is a very small factor, but still, Project Cafe sounded MUCH better than this. If I were given the money to buy either a Project Cafe or a WiiU without knowing what they were, I'd buy the Cafe.

The Controller

I'm afraid to know the controller's name. I feel like people will make fun of the Wiipad more than the Ipad.

I was a bit bothered by the wiimote's waggling in games and shit, but it served a purpose in the end of it all. Games like Boom Blox, On-Rail Shooters, and other games worked so well.

But a Tablet? Really nintendo? I know they showed off some of the stuff they could do with it, like have it work as Link's inventory, but that was COMPLETELY possible without a screen on my controller. This way, I'm paying $$$$$ to have my inventory in a much less practical place than on my TV.

Money is a key factor in games because I don't believe this, “Economy is recovering” bullshit. I know it's a bit hypocritical when I want to buy a $1000 PC, but with that I'd be able to play anything I want, and how I want to. If I spend $1000 on a WiiU, I'd be stuck with what looks to be one of the worst controllers imaginable.

I don't mind Nintendo trying to revolutionize stuff, but when YTTH, YTTH. Pretty soon, they're just going to have Nintendo employees sent home with you so you can play together because that'd be revolutionary. It'd also be revolutionary to have three controllers, one in each hand and one in foot.


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What is the point of setting up a controller system that will not allow multiplayer on the controller it was designed for, both because the console won't allow it and it will be too expensive? This is the part where YTTH. Ancient NES controllers had multiplayer, yet this doesn't? Why don't we just make the console break your disc whenever you move the console while playing a game?

The article suggests that Nintendo is considering allowing multiple tablets be used at one time. The problem is the $$$$ needed to do so. When you make a (pretty much) handheld console as the controller, you need to put in the fact of “Hey, isn't there a recession going on?” I mean, I've turned in at least 20-30 applications in the last few weeks, met with most of the managers, and I'm still not even close to being hired. Most places around my house are closing down and being replaced by other stuff that looks like it'll bomb. You expect me to buy 2 controllers that cost $100-$500 each? Lolololol.

The “Revolution”

If there's anything we've learned from the last generation of gaming, it was that Sony and Microsoft don't care copying others ideas if their ideas are successful. Honestly, I friggin HATE Ctrl+Alt+Delete comics. They're downright awful. But this is solid truth. If Nintendo succeeds, I can't help but see others follow suit with some form of screen in a place other than a TV.

As I've stated through this entire blog, Nintendo's trying way too hard. It has broken more things than it fixed, and honestly, switching to a tablet fixes nothing. Those who support this WiiU are people who want their cake, they want to eat it too, and then finish off by eating everyone else's cake in the restaurant. They want everything brought to them and are unwilling to take the extra step of pushing a button to see your inventory on screen rather than have it right in front of you.
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