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I Think It's Time For Me To End PC Gaming...='(

It's a sad day. I feel ashamed. There are two reasons why I probably must stop PC gaming.
1 "I don't actually have a PC, I have a laptop"
2 "I just don't have enough money"

This problem arose when I bought Brink on PC and when I installed it, it came up with my card couldn't support OpenGL 3.1 . After contacting Sony and AMD and getting replies after asking whether I could replace it, they said, as the Sony man put it, "Laptop's die with the graphics they are built with".

I then asked a friend and he said he knew a guy who could replace it. I thought my problems were solved, but then I realised "I am going to have to go through this shit again and again" and started to wonder whether it was worth it. I don't have the money to buy updates for hardware every year or so.

The other reason I will probably change is because you may notice in an earlier blog, I said "After playing Total War : Shogun 2, I don't think I can get back to playing Age Of Empires II". Age Of Empires II is the game I grew up with. I would've put it up in my top 3 games ever...until about 5 days ago...

Ominious much?

Well, I found this copy of Age Of Empires II from a friend and loaded it up. My brain was actually about to explode with anticipation about visiting my childhood memories. If anyone remembers the game then I'm about to describe it

"William Wallace Campaign=EPIC"
"Joan Of Arc= ummmm...okayish"
"Saladin= This is kinda shit"
"Genghis Khan=Oh FFS"
"Barbarossa= I'm not playing this, it's primitive"

Now this may not be a big deall, I mean it's just one game right? But I started thinking about maybe my PC gaming experience should be left there, with my early childhood.

I really am torn at this moment.
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