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Zelda HD teases Nintendo fanboys worldwide


During Nintendo’s E3 keynote there seemed to be one portion of the video presentation that caught many by surprise, and made us all simultaneously squee on the inside just a little bit.

Could it be…? Zelda in HD???

The answer is yes, and at the same time no. Nintendo hasn’t gone on record as saying that the footage was indeed a Legend of Zelda game in development. It’s merely being shown as an example of what Wii U can do with the franchise. The video also showed the new Wii U controller acting as a display for Link’s inventory, and a secondary display of the environment.

I may not be the only one who’s a sucker for the Zelda series. Afterall, I did purchase a 3DS at launch just due to the promise of the Ocarina of Time remake. But now it looks as if Nintendo has locked me in again for a Wii U purchase.

Touché Nintendo, Touché.
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