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WHO WON? = IMO, nobody won, maybe Microsoft had a slight edge over SONY because of new things being announced/shown/media content Youtube/IFC.

WHO LOST? = IMO, there was no outright loser, but SONY everyone seemed super nervous and things didn't go too smooth on stage, but I think NINTENDO didn't outright lose now, but I think the coming months will be cloudy for NINTENDO, and the WiiU launch will not go well. Nintendo showed us some random CGI video, and gameplay from XBOX/PS3 games.


I think Nintendo was the lowest of the 3, I got a boatload of PROMISES, which lately NINTENDO has NOT come through on well. I think the NINTENDO piece about WiiU was basically thrown together in the last few weeks, and really didn't have much to it. I fully expect the Nintendo WiiU Launch to SUCK, and have no games to play JUST LIKE THE 3DS. I think Nintendo is getting too big for it\'s britches, and can\'t keep up with their ideas.

I would say Microsoft was slightly ahead of SONY, because SONY didn\'t really give us much of a surprise on anything.

Microsoft gave me actual things that are happening and dates around them.

NINTENDO DIDN\'T GIVE US A PRICE FOR THE CONSOLE OR THE CONTROLLER, again I really think they just tossed this thing together with no real idea of when, how much, or exact details of anything at this point. I'm extremely worried about how much the ipad wanna be controller is actually gonna cost, and how much the console is going to cost.

It makes me wonder CAUSE WE NEVER SAW THE ACTUAL CONSOLE, if it has even been finalized SPECS wise. I\'m starting to really doubt what the plan is, which leads me to believe that again NINTENDO will have a terrible launch as far as games go, I also see a alot of DELAYS/PUSHBACKS happening with the WiiU. I want to see hardwarde stats/specs, cause the image in the background of the console next to the TV was EXTREMELY VAUGE for a reason, there is a reason we never saw an actualy picture of the console and that worries me. Yes i understand the focus is on the controllers, but I need to see the console and the specs before I start believing or stop worrying. I've been let down way too much since the N64 and until I see otherwise that is what I will expect from Reggie's stupid face.
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I grew up on NES, SNES, and N64. Then took a break from gaming for a few years to party and be in a band in high school and college. Then once I was out of college I picked up a PS2 and started playing again. A few years later I picked up a XBOX 360, then a Wii, and finally a PS3 then an old modded XBOX that plays NES, SNES, Genesis & N64 games. I have since sold the Wii because I never played it. I don't play PC games. I buy all multi-platform games on the 360.

Let's get personal...
I was an atheist for the first 21 years of my life, then God showed me He was real in an extremely powerful way that I just couldn't deny no matter how much I wanted to ignore it. I then spent a few years doing youth ministry and traveling North America sharing the Gospel. After that I was a Spanish teacher in private and public schools. I then became a sales/product trainer for Best Buy. then a sales/product trainer for Toshiba's Laptop division. I know train for PayPal. I am single and have 3 fantastic sons, one of which has Autism which has it's challenges but he is such a great little dude. I am a musician; I have played drums for a little over 14 years. And dabble in a little classical guitar.

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My favorites -

U2, Beck, Blindside, Jimi Hendrix, old Metallica, Steely Dan, Outkast, Wu-Tang Clan, Mason Jennings.

1. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
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2. Office
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5. Biggest Loser
6. Twilight Zone
7. SNL
8. Twilight Zone
9. Ace of Cakes
10. Man vs. Wild

Consoles I currently own –
XBOX 360 - 250Gb
PS3 - 160Gb

Favorite games of all time -
1. Fallout 3
2. Zelda: Ocarina of Time
4. Bust a move - N64
5. Street Fighter 2 - Arcade
6. Mortal Kombat - Arcade
7. Super Dodgeball - NES
8. Mario Kart 64
9. Super Mario Bros 2
10. Castlevania - NES
11. Black Ops
12. Bioshock
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17. NBA JAM - Arcade
18. NFL Blitz - N64
19. Duck Hunt/Hogan’s Alley – NES
20. The Legend of Kage – NES
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