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Kinect? No Thank You


When sales people try to force something on me, whether it be a subscription, a credit card, some sort of extra, I tend to react very strongly in the opposite direction. And after watching Microsoft's E3 Kinectathon, my reaction is mixed.

Part of me wants to go out and buy the Kinect tomorrow so I can be a Jedi in Kinect Star Wars, but at the same time, Microsoft pushed Kinect so hard that I also want to say "No, Microsoft, I will not cave to your pressure and buy this do-dad of yours. I refuse to bend to your will." Seriously, it is great that Microsoft is so much behind Kinect but I do not own a Kinect, I am not a child to be excited about Sesame Street or Disneyland Adventures, and to be honest while the new Xbox Experience is interesting, that is not enough of an intensive to shell out $150.

If Fable Journey is only for the Kinect I may opt not to buy the accessory on principle.
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