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E3 Approaches: does this come with drinks??


So yeah E3 is here again and we all have our own thoughts and wishes for what we want from the top of mountain. I know that a lot of hype goes into E3 and that is to be expected since this is the one chance for the all the big devs to show off what they got. More so this year with how many odd issues have caused a weird shift it what normally would happen (as close to normal as we are). Either way I'm going try to be positive about all this and what I want to see from this wang showing contest (I'm working on it), so grab a shot and lets do a line together in this mindless self-centered rant.

Winner of E3

I personally can't see just one winner for this year due to the fact that so many companies have done things I didn't like or want previously. The winners for me would be the ones that can re-prove themselves as game company. By this I mean they show me something that is not just a simple gimmick that will be cool for a few seconds and forgotten in a week. For Microsoft they need to either show a new good idea or just give the floor to the 3rd party people, Sony will have to acknowledge its screw up show some good games and make me believe in the NGP (I hate the name Vita), Nintendo will have to truly WOW! me with their next console and it's games for them to make me notice.

What I want to see

The biggest thing I want to see is Project Cafe and that is no lie. I really want Nintendo to get on level with other consoles and release some solid core games again. I haven't bought Nintendo console since 64 (non including handhelds) due to the fact they had been moving in the direction that a strange twist on design means innovate. Cafe seems like it will still have some of those twist but won't leave its fans behind this time.

NGP is another device I'm looking forward to seeing and one reason I'm still hanging at Sony's house. They have told me of the tech and shown me screens of games running on it, now they need to show me a list of games to look for. Also a confirmed price would not be a bad thing for me to have so I can start thinking of how many days I won't be able to eat.

Last would be the games I want to see there and easily one is Bioshock Infinite. Better yet just put Ken on a stage and have him larp the entire demo and I will be sold. I know Team Ico doesn't like to talk very much but a small speech on when we will have Last Guardian and Ico/SOTC remake would be nice. For Platinum to show some of Anarchy Reigns and tell me if there will be another Bayonetta. Capcom to come out and say instead of working on a new resident evil they will get back to work on more content for MvC 3. Also the new Ip that Kojima was suppose to announce because I can keep lying to myself that ZOE will come back.

So there you have it all the crap I could spew and form into a actual literate words without a shred of professional manner. I would have more to say but I'm lazy enough and don't fill like typing out an essay that isn't for a grade. Let's all look forward to a good and eventful E3. Stay frost!
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