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Just a quick little post

Good news, everyone! After counting the remaining coins I had after my first blog post, my lucky penny is still here. Of course, nothing tremendously lucky usually happens when I've got it, so I'm not sure why-

…right. I'm gonna keep this penny. In fact, I'm gonna name it Benson.

So I'm glad you guys liked the first blog I ever wrote on this site. I still don't know why the staff picked my post out of all the other community blogs to put on their home page, but I'm not complaining. I noticed some of you guys were asking me stuff like "Why didn't you mention X?" or "Why is most of this stuff aimed at Nintendo?" while the rest of you threw in some of your own wishes. The answer to those previous two questions is simple: That's all I could think of at the time. I was up late that night, so a lot of other stuff slipped my mind. Therefore, I decided that a wishlist Part 2 must be in order.

But before I make another blog post with more (mostly) reasonable wishes for E3 2011, I just wanted to mention this before Destructoid gets the chance. Yesterday, Nintendo announced that they will release a Pokedex app on the eShop. It's essentially like the Pokedex in Pokemon Black and White, except it lets you see them in full 3D.

You know you want this.

You start out with 16 Pokemon models, then have the opportunity to get more through SpotPass (up to three per day), scanning QR codes, or by trading Pokemon through StreetPass. It also has AR features in it, so you can presumably view Pokemon in 3D and on your desk.

I repeat. You get to look at three-dimensional Pokemon models, in 3D, right on your desk. For free. It's almost like Hey You, Pikachu! Except this isn't being developed by Ambrella. Which only makes it better.

Okay, that's all I got for right now. I'm gonna go in the corner and sob in sheer joy.

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