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Holy 8 days until people start getting here post! Midwest NARP UPDATE.


So today I started preparing my house for the mass org... I mean super happy fun time that will be this years Midwest NARP. There's just over a week left until people start showing up, so if you need directions or my phone number (...ladies...) or anything like that, send an email to jonbloodsprayATgmailDOTcom. I'll be emailing people one more time to make sure I have all the proper flight times and any other pertinent information. It would be great if from here on out we could handle everything by email or in the forum thread. This includes travel plans and what kind of gear you are planning on bringing.

You may have heard that we are putting together a little tournament we've been calling the Destructathon. You also may have heard that there would be a prize pack. Well, here's all those details.

ROUND 1: Twister

ROUND 2: Left 4 Dead 2

ROUND 3: Clue

ROUND 4: Super Meat Boy

ROUND 5: ?????

Don't forget that each round has a twist that will not be revealed until immediately beforehand.


There's a few things that aren't 100% yet, but the following items are assured.

A Mr. Destructoid Bobblehead, and a custom made Dtoid Crowned plushie, brought to you by our own ZodiacEclipse.

A custom champ shirt designed by ZombiePlatypus(we will order it afterwards, in order to have the right size for the winner)

A set of these:

Also designed by ZombiePlatypus,

To go on your new pair of these:

Yep, those are Astro A30's. I don't even have a headset that nice, so allow me to give a pre-emptive "I hope you enjoy them, also fuck you." to the winner.

I guess that's it for now. If you have any questions leave them in the comments, the forums, or email me.

Can't wait to see you all soon!
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