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E3 Approaches: Tension & Dreams

As the biggest gaming event of the year approaches, the gaming community is awash with hopes, dreams, nerves and bullshit fakes. It's an exciting time and one which defines for the next year what gaming system or systems of your choice will be offering you in the hope of meeting your expectations. I myself get excited and nervous with the pre E3 build up, the fact that I love the world of gaming itself and seeing new stuff that has been kept under wraps for a while is the exciting part, the tension builds however with the thought of feeling underwhelmed . When a personal favourite developer brings something special or new to the table or a game series gets announced at this special place it's a great feeling, when they smile and expect you to love whatever underwhelming shit they have announced I get angry. When something I love goes to shit I get angry, not at other gamers or even fanboys you understand but at myself for getting too excited in the first place, that is what draws me into E3, the hype and build up with the fear mixed in for good measure.

The excitement and tension is fuelled up even more with the way gaming journalists are allowed to express themselves these days. Back in the days of the Super Nintendo all I had was a monthly magazine, the back of a game box and a obnoxious overweight guy with a future Little Britain star to partner him in delivering what was meant to be news, previews, reviews and cheats. Now the media has progressed to the template of the internet it has allowed us to get all sorts of media and information very quickly which is a good thing but can also be a bad thing. The good involves trusted sources reporting genuine information, the personal favourite podcast format where people can listen to fellow gamers with a foot in the industry to express their hopes, dreams and stern opinions hoping they are similar to yours, particularly when it comes to E3. The bad can be a real pain in the ass with situations arising such as so called gamers posting false information on purpose in order to feel better about themselves, so called Photoshop experts doing their hardest to make their dreams and giggles genuine and fanboys getting more insecure than usual if the amount of exclusives announced does not match or beat those of the...enemy.

This is all part of the E3 freight train of course and I doubt many would have it any other way, take the rough with smooth as it were. My problem is, especially over the past few years, there has not been a E3 that has matched these situations since 2005. True that year was over flowing with hardware announcements but it also had the game announcements to match, recent years has seen a more steady walk of announcements that more often than not, met a lot of trusted and respected journalists predictions beforehand. I want to see this years E3 go beyond that, I want Microsoft to announce a shit boat full of AAA first party games, I want Nintendo to release a console that starts a ambitious plan to give birth to a new generation instead of playing safe, I want Sony to have a PSN upgrade that competes more with Xbox Live.

Situations gamers are dreaming of but not expecting but the dream remains right until the goodbye wave to the crowd of each individual conference. That's the spirit of E3, keeping the dream alive because we all love gaming like a new rock band loves having groupies waiting for them after a storming gig. I want this E3 to have balls, be unpredictable, layers that excite and surprise on top of the predictable because they are the moments gamers keep coming back for. Gabe Newell's Portal 2 Sony appearance, Final Fantasy on Xbox, the Wii Remote, announcements that people replay on YouTube over and over because they were not expected, bringing genuine excitement and awe.

I hope E3 2011 has this in droves and I bet many of you do too.
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