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Prejudice is deserted, new Super smash?, Project Cafe, and what I plan on doing

I know I still have Deus Ex to get to. Metro 2033 will not run on my PC. So for now, I'll just blog about other things I wish to blog about. That's always the idea, right?

Also, before I go on, DID YOU ALL SEE THAT TOM CLANCY DEAL YESTERDAY ON STEAM?! By god, if I had the money, I would have bought all of it. Every single game. I wanted H.a.w.x., but I had no money for it. I spent my last $3.50 on Rainbow Six Vegas.

Section 8 Prejudice's Multiplayer Dead already...

It's a shame, really. Both of the pics above were during the afternoon on a weekend. The only filter I applied was locked rooms. There were only a few rooms with anyone in it on Conquest, and only 2 rooms with 4 people in it on swarm. You could say there are more people on at different times, and there may be, but the majority of the times I've wanted to get on, this happened.

Section 8 Prejudice's multiplayer failed the same reason why Brink should have failed. It's generic. Section 8 Prejudice gives you a lot to unlock but makes everything pretty accessible with just leveling up. And it already gives you most of what you'll be using very early on. The spawn system is good. The shooting and overall gameplay are just generic. Swarm became too easy when people realized the secret positions you could put deployables in to have them destroy every enemy to walk you way.

The 10millionkillstillDLC was a good incentive to play the multiplayer, but the game mode we unlocked from it was downright boring. It was Assault. It was basically a faster version of Conquest. Then Section 8 Prejudice released a map pack, all of the maps looking JUST LIKE what we already have.

I could have sworn I've seen this map before. Yeah, we already have a map JUST like it.

New Super Smash Bros?

Whether the pic is real or not, I don't know. It could be shopped. But it brings up an interesting idea. What if there is a new SSB game?

I honestly hated Brawl. They added in too much crap I didn't care for at all. I want to meet the person responsible for the tripping feature in SSBB. They got rid of some clones (Roy) and put in others (Wolf). They put in 5000 more insta-kill items.

I wouldn't be surprised seeing the new SSB game at E3. It kind of makes sense. N64 had the original, Melee was GC, Brawl was Wii. Whether or not that's enough incentive, I'd definitely like to see if they could improve upon brawl, because Melee was so good that it sucked to see it downgraded.

Project Cafe

If there's one thing I hate most about the gaming world, it's speculation before something's released. I dreaded going on /v/ more than anything during the week before the 3DS. Speculation, speculation, speculation, and all of it went nowhere. Shit, /v/ now is just speculating the Project Cafe, and honestly, it's annoying as hell. They claim to know of its specs, and are judging it based on specs not even released yet!

And that's not just /v/. I hang out on a website where I talk to wii users so we can organize miniature tournaments, and even they're going off about how awesome project cafe is.

I mean, speculation like saying, "Hey, it might be cool!" isn't a problem at all. But when you're reading articles about people not being affected by 3D, and you think you won't either....you have to try it first. I though the 3DS would work with me. It didn't. I couldn't see the 3D too well.

My verdict; I'll know it when I try it out.

Next Gen: Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo?

Sony has no security, so no.

Microsoft can't make decent hardware, so no.

Nintendo will probably ignore the hardcore audience (for the most part) again, so no.

But seriously, I'm going to keep being a PC gamer. The problem with this is that once the new consoles come out, PC gaming is going to jump ahead in requirements for games. So I can either buy a decent PC and chance it going obsolete, or wait for the new consoles.

Being a PC gamer definitely has its downsides, like the compatibility. But the benefits I get are downright awesome. Microsoft and Sony both went through hell this gen, Microsoft with shitty hardware and Sony with the hacking. Nintendo didn't really go through hell as much. I'd rather keep PC gaming and not risk any of my identity being leaked out, and having my hardware work. Hell, I've had my same GPU for about 3 years, the HDD for about 6 months, and the rest of the PC is about 4 years old. I've had a few issues, nothing too big.

Side Notes

-When I said “Nintendo will ignore the hardcore audience”, it's why the trollface is there. Honestly, I know there were some hardcore games for Wii, but they sold poorly and therefore we got less of them. I still play MH Tri occasionally.

-Deus Ex is going to be gifted to me soon when my friend gets the money to Pre-order DEHR. I'm not trying to delay this.

-Metro 2033 went 12-15 fps when I left the tunnels on lowest settings. Went to about 14-17 fps when I went into an un-supported resolution.
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