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Mafia II...Unfairness

The Mafia is cool. From "Omerta" in the Old Country to the Street Wars in America, The Underground Legacy of the Mafia is one that inhabits the corners of the mind. A society based on loyalty, honour and family, yet also on violence, lies, crime and preying on the weak. Another PARADOX

Okay, no more stupid Doctor Who references.

Sorry, I'm straying off topic. Anyway, when I heard about Mafia II, My insanity level ramped up. I was anticipating it for about a year, when I had read a tiny article about it in GamesMaster (British Magazine, also a great thing so you should read it). So I bought it, loaded it up, and I fucking loved it.

Yet all around, I saw not bad reviews, but not great ones. People criticised the lack of non-linear gameplay, no multiplayer (which is fucking retarded when a game must have multiplayer to be good), and too many cutscenes. So 2K Czech responded. They gave people heavy action, light story DLC. Sure it was pretty pricy, but they gave people the opposite of the main story. Yet, people were still angry.

The entire community turned on them. Killing the DLC with reviews, and just generally taking a now extremely negative stance to a game that was seriously underated in its awesomeness. Then the casual gamers turned, saying the heavy story was a turn-off. The differing opinions destroyed any hope left for the game to be classified as "good".

Okay, so there were some problems, but every game has problems. Even the untouchable "L.A Noire", its driving physics are just fucking annoying( I apologise for swearing but I am writing this late in the night). I compare to L.A Noire because they really are similar. The problem was that Mafia II...actually, what was the problem?

Sorry I'm totally rambling. The whole point is that Mafia II was a game that passed everyone by, and everyone who did buy it got turned off by either lack of multiplayer, heavy cutscenes or linear gameplay. I guess it had no one major problems, but all those little thorns in the different gamers backsides just killed the game. So Rest In Peace, Mafia II.
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