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Korea Blog 1/1 Pt. 2: Electric Bugaloo


Well I'm back from my uncle's wedding which was lovely (Not going to lie. I bawled my eyes out) . I met my new extended family who are all very nice and interesting (A few of them live in Japan so guess who's now invited over there? : D) and though I don't have any pictures of the actual event or any that involves my family members, I do have some other random vacation photos. A less trusting man would find the absence of family photos to be....suspect....

Now, I went to Korea on vacation before and posted a few blogs about it (This is the best one, so just skip if here if inclined.) but that was for a month.

This trip was just a short week and because of the wedding I was very busy with ceremonies, pre-ceremonies, family gatherings, pre-family gatherings, etc. So much so that I literally found a single day to go out on my own and do stuff.

The following takes place between 11:00 and 20:00

I'm a nerd. I do nerdy things. I know a few nerd places in Korea. I like going there to be nerdy.

(But first something completely different. My dog.)

So I woke up, got out of bed, fed the dog, made breakfast, told people that I'd be too busy to do whatever it is people do, and left.

(Left my home in Georgia~)

(Headed for the 'Frisco Bay)

(No, taking pictures in the subway without people's knowledge is not creepy.)

(The reason I'm posting all these pictures of transit is because my destination involved many transfers)

(I made it~ Now, I've showed you guys pictures of this place before, but I brought my camera this time...)

(Now I can show you guys pictures of inside~)

(This place is pretty famous as it is Korea's largest (only?) comic book store so famous authors like to visit)

(So exciting~)


(He passed away recently. God Bless his zombie bones)

(Recognize anybody here?)


Next, was a place that I never actually been to, but always wanted to go.

Do you know Gundam Models? Robot toys you assemble together? Anyways, there's a pretty big store called Gundam Base that cater to those interests.

(If you look real close, you can see a guy with absolutely nothing to do~)(Also that old lady)

(Again, waiting for the subway to take me across the city to reach my destination)

(And we skip an hour and a half worth of subway pictures)

( : D )

( : D )

Well enough about that. I know that as cultured folks, you would rather see the more classier pursuits of travel knowledge.

Luckily, one of my stops on my way home landed me in front of the National Museum of Korea.

(The side route into the museum. Don't worry, it's free so it's not like I'm avoiding paying the ticket fee....)

(Your Breath; Was it taken away?)

(Oh, that fuzzy feeling you call nationalism)

(National Treasure 3: Law Looks at Things)

(It's the head of a demon)

(Wow~ That is one big scroll...Oh wait...You don't have a sense of scale in pictures do you?)

(Hope that gives a better idea of how big that thing is.) (I'm 180 cm)

(Royal Beds for Royal Heads....heh.)(Or at least...I think it's a bed...Dunno, I didn't read the info on this.)

Well that's about it. Not really, I just don't feel like uploading 100+ pictures. Maybe I'll post them up on Tumblr or something in the future.

Before I go, here are some of the things I bought:

(Haruki Murakami is my favorite author of all time. Norwegian Wood, is one of his masterpieces. It was recently turned into a movie and later turned into a t-shirt. I had to have it.) (If I had to recommend to you a Murakami book, it would be my personal favorite The Wind Up Bird Chronicles

(Uniqlo is a store where you can buy quality clothes for a relatively cheap price. This shirt and the shirt above were purchased there.) (It was a buy one get the other half off kind of deal. I couldn't pass it up.)

(Total USD cost? About $40. Way cheaper than in the states.)
(Bought at Comic Cozzle)

(I really liked the new EVA movies.)
(Bought at Gundam Base) (I was going to buy a model, but I knew that I would have built it in Korea and carrying around that fragile thing would have been a pain.)

(Gundam Base also gave me this free folder. To hold paper I guess. Still pretty cool)

(Korea's Homeless are super friendly. If you get to drunk and can't find your way home, buy a bottle of beer at the convenience store, offer it to a homeless guy and you two can drink continue drinking the rest of the night without him stealing your wallet.)
(Though I don't actually recommend you doing that, that is a true story.)
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