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P2 Press Start: Complexities of the intangible.

<Authors note- Sorry for potentially low quality photos. All shots taken from off screen>

Prepared to depart.

We took the quest, and dove into the water, I the shield, her the sword.
We came out with zero deaths, and the body of a massively battered body of a Lagiacrus.

Things seems to be shaping up since then. It wasn't too long ago, and like all types of relationships, nothing is smooth. I can't decide if things are better off now than they were. I do know that the alternative was a much worse option. Now, we still talk, and still game with each other, though it's not been long enough to say if this will develop into a regular habit or not. I like to keep looking forward though, and hope for the best. At least I can hold solace in the fact that we can always go and "beat up the Lagia".
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