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Fable Is just Like Heavy Rain.

This is a revelation that Caiters so kindly bestowed upon me one evening.

My mind was blown. Shards of conceptual glass flew across the now blank canvas that was once my brain. A gap is all that was left in my skull, like a new born babe ready to understand the universe. Light shone, not from a physical medium, but from the discovery. Pure discovery created light within my cranium for I knew, that my life would never be the same.

The two worlds of fable and Heavy Rain, are actually one in the same.

The plot of both games, are completely identical. How could I have been so blind as to not see this before?!Ethan mars, Shelby, Norman Jayden, Jayson? They are all represented in the Fable universe. Before, I was so blind to these simple conclusions, that I could not grasp the concept of the universes being the same,but now I know. Now I know where the lines are drawn, and were the galaxies collide. Take this except from Wikipedia, about the plot of the first fable game, and you too well begin to see just how intertwined these two games are.

"When the Hero is a child, his village, Oakvale, is raided and destroyed by bandits on his sister's birthday; it seems the Hero's entire family perishes. An old hero named Maze arrives on the scene, rescues the Hero, and convinces him to join the Heroes' Guild to be trained to become a champion; Maze sees great potential in the boy. The Hero then embarks on a journey to discover the reason behind his village's destruction, discovering his destiny, and the true fate of his family along the way."

The hero is a metaphor for our favourite character, Ethan Mars. Oakvale, is actually the Mall. The bandits, are a representation of the clown that holds your attention as your child runs away. His sister's birthday? Jesus tap dancing Christ, wasn't it Jaysonís brothers birthday in the game? You bet you're 90 beats per minute heart it was. The heroís entire family perishes? Oh, just like how you're kid dies, your wife divorces you, and you're other kid becomes an annoying self-reliant brat in your presence. Coincidence? Do I even need to answer that?

An old hero named Maze arrives to rescue the hero? Oh, you mean like how Shelby arrived in a attempt to rescue the hero? Yeah, I thought that's what you meant. Maze see's great potential in the boy? Wow, am I describing the same game twice or something? Shelby saw great potential in Ethan to be the father he never had! The hero embarks on a journey to do stuff? You bet your ass Ethan mars embarks on a journey to do stuff.

But that's just the plot. Imagine to my surprise, when I found out that Heavy Rain, and Fable have even more in common then that.

They are in fact, both First Person shooters.

Now, I once read a blog that every game is pretty much call of duty, because call of duty has health regen, and so whatever game decides to now put health regen in it, is adding a call of duty like feature. So imagine to my surprise, when I went back to play heavy rain and found, holy fuck, health regen. Was this game a first person shooter? Was it copying Call of duty? I hesitantly placed Fable 2 into my xbox. I approached an enemy, and pulled out my gun aimed in a first person view, I passed out from the shock. After waking up because of the smell of my own shit running down my pants, and after cleaning myself up, I came to this stunning conclusion. Both games have guns, both games have a first person portion. Call of duty has guns and a first person view, ergo, all 3 games are first person shooters. Yeah I know, fucking crazy. I've alerted the president of Canada.

He said he's actually the prime minister.... I think our president of Canada was kidnapped by a man who calls himself the prime minister...

Now if this wasn't enough proof to go off of, that Fable and Heavy rain are actually one in the same. I've put thousands of hours (maybe a couple seconds) Into sleuthing through photos for a clear cut visual connection. And I think Iíve found the irrefutable proof that both games, are one and the same.

You can't explain that.
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