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Portal 2 is Overrated (Slight spoilers)

Before I start being negative, let's clear something up. I loved portal 2. In fact, it'll probably end up in my top 10 videogames ever if I ever clearly establish my favorite games of all time. But seeing all these “10s”, “100s”, and other forms of perfect scores kind of bothers me. Yeah, it's their opinions and I'm fine with that. I'm not going to rage over their opinions. But what bothers me about their opinions is how much of the negative they didn't see. My first playthrough was amazing, but then through my second, and half of my third, I quickly noticed where Portal 2 falls flat.

Portal 2 is overrated. Here's why.

The Co-Op being better than singleplayer

It was pretty much guaranteed because two minds are better than one, so the puzzles had to be harder. But you know there's a serious issue when the Co-op makes you think through puzzles, while the single player let you breeze straight through them. Me and my buddy would get on skype and work the puzzles out over the mic, and sometimes it took us 30-45 minutes to even begin to comprehend a test. That's what I bought Portal 2 for! PUZZLES! Why do I have to co-op to get the good puzzles?

And shit, some of Portal 2's funniest lines were in co-op. I remember being in the very beginning area, where I was selecting the puzzles to do, and I jumped off a cliff and died. GlaDOS said, “How can you fail at this? It's not even a test!”

I love having a good co-op, but when the co-op is THIS much better than the single player?

To Summarize...

I have nothing against Portal 2. I wasn't playing through it, looking for every fault because I really wanted it to be a game I could enjoy. But I really hate it when games get more/less attention than they deserve, and Portal 2 got way too much attention with it's constant 90%,100%, 10/10, 5/5. It's a good game, but it's as though everyone's oblivious to the problems with it.

If I could give it a score, it'd be about 83/100, 8/10, 4/5, and others proportionally. It's flaws make it look like more of a hide-and-seek game with the never-stop-talking characters. Still, don't get me wrong. I loved the game and the characters made me laugh more than any other game. But, Portal 2 isn't perfect.
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