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Lamentations of a Limited Edition (Or How Gears 2 Burned Me)

Some 2 and more years ago, I was sitting in this very work chair, shuddering with excitement. It was E-Day - November 7th, 2008, and I was ready to tear through Locust upon Locust with a Lancer chainsaw. The videos, screenshots, the overall GAR of it all - Gears of War 2 was my Call of Duty. The Call? To shoot aliens in the face (like I hadn't done that already with Halo). Hell, back when I was with GameSpot (shudder), I made a very...ummm...what do the kids call it nowadays? "Fanboyish" post on their Gears launch center. I'll never forget it -

"If you have an 360, but don't have Gears, than it's not a real 360."

Fun times, eh? Come to think of it, it's actually a sort "reverse fanboy" thing to say, as if to call down other folks of the same craft. Anyway...

I took my walk up to the mall from work after I got off the clock. Feeling the heavy shackles of the doldrum that is the Library release from me, I felt like "...a new man, fit and lean" (Tycho, Penny Arcade). I waltzed into the GameStop, said a hearty thank you to the gentleman at the counter, and sat at the bus stop eager to go home. In my hand was an admittedly gorgeous box. A used Lancer shined as it wrapped around the blood-red cardboard, grime filling in many of the red spots. I couldn't take my eyes off of it - even after the bus picked me up, even after I had gotten back home. I snapped out of it long enough to part the waiting plastic folds.

Guys, guys! ...Do this.

Thanks for reading.
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