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Project Cafe: Judgement Day

On June 7th 2011 Nintendo will present to the world their next home based console with one thing to keep in mind, you can never please everybody. One thing you can do is attempt to please a majority and in attempting this could be one of the biggest judgement calls Nintendo has ever had to make in it's entire history. To take the next step or remain in the current, that is the question I suspect is on many "core" gamers during this period of whispers, rumours, trolls and youtube fakers that makes the wait for the answer even more frustrating.

Having thought about Nintendo's next machine I cannot help but feel that if they "play safe" and barely match the specifications of the Xbox 360 or Playstation 3, the intended plan to bring back the "core" will fail, a screen enabled controller thrown just wont cut it in my humble opinion. In fact I would say they would be taking a bigger risk in playing safe rather than stepping up and offering a machine that is more technically advanced than what is on the market today. Ask yourself, if you own either a 360 or PS3 or maybe even both, would you shell out $300 for a new system in 2012 that only achieves similar results based on tech from 2005? Die hard Nintendo fans maybe, Xbox or Playstation gamers looking towards a new generation? I can't see many.

From reading the opinions of various gamers across a wide range of forums, youtube videos, twitter accounts and facebook it is becoming clear many crave a new generation. While they are happy with the investments they have made to their consoles of choice they are starting to wonder when the big three will step us and present us with a firm idea of what the future holds for consoles.

I have no desire to see Nintendo fail here, in fact one console they have produced, the Super Nintendo, remains my favourite console of all time along with the first Playstation and Xbox 360. I want Nintendo to shock gamers with goodness and not a underwhelming product that is overpriced just because of a controller with a 6 inch screen. In fact if this does end up being the case, I would find it an insult to gamers as I thought of the Wii when the launch price was confirmed, Mario Galaxy and Zelda regardless.

Nintendo have give gamers a lot of joy over the years including myself and nothing would please me more than seeing my opinion proved wrong when E3 comes around but if my fears are realised then it could possibly end up being a misguided strategy that could cost them in a similar fashion that Sega ended up. People forget, when the Wii was fully shown to the public, full motion control out of the box wasnt an option, motion control is now available across three platforms so releasing a product offering a similar experience with basically the same tech with a strong possibility of not offering a superior online service like Xbox Live or even PSN, why are gamers in the millions going to go for that when they are already have something very similar?

Of course, this is all based on rumours at the moment so I could be basing my current thoughts on complete pig swill when June 7th arrives, I hope I am.

Thanks for reading
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