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I Got A Super Amazing Package From Occams! (VERY VERY PIC HEAVY)

So here I am on a Friday, sitting around, being bored. Life is dull. The Xbox is at the repair center, the only games I have on the Wii are Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort, and Just Dance...so...ya know, fuck that noise. Netflix is currently my only salvation. So as I'm browsing for some kind of thing to watch, I hear a ring ring of the doorbell...could it be? Is it my Xbox!? I rush to the door, eagerly hoping for the good news. Turns out it's not the Xbox, but...something possibly greater...

...For when I opened the door, the mailman handed me this-

This. This is one of the nicest things that anyone ever's done for me. I will forever cherish this note. Seriously, thank you so much Occams for being such an amazing and thoughtful person. You are easily one of the most giving, most caring, most awesome people on Dtoid, and I can't wait to meet you at PAX and give you a big 'ole hug. You are the perfect example of just what this community has always been to me- a collection of wonderful, caring human beings who over time become your surrogate internet family. You're the big brother of that family, pretty much. Don't ever change.
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