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What's an Intro?

So the voice inside my head that I use to personify my thoughts has been bugging me to do this, but I went against it. I figured other people were introducing themselves and I didn�t want to be a jerk and fill the blogs with intro posts. I know I already wrote a few articles, but inspiration wouldn�t stop bitching at me�so I slapped her on the butt and calmed her down, we then wrote a few musings and a random blog. Anyway, let�s act like this is the first thing I wrote and move on!

My name is Steven Oliveira and I am an only child, unless 3 wiener dogs can be considered siblings. I am a Brazilian-American currently enrolled at USC in Los Angeles. I just finished my third year in my pursuit of a Biology degree in order to become a veterinarian. I was initially trying to become a biomedical engineer, but Statics and Calc 3 got the best of me, so I chose something else that I had an interest in. I began my gaming �career� with the Genesis and Super Nintendo. My personal view about life is that everyone in the world has the possibility to do something great, no matter how small, in their life time (might have come to this because of Freya�s ideas about despair). As ambitious as that may sound, I still tend to enjoy sitting around and being lazy�

I listen to hip-hop, so I must be hip...right?

Next, some gaming related stuffs. Like I said earlier I started off with the Genesis and SNES, playing some obscure and well known games from Robot Justice to Sonic 2, Tin Star to Donkey Kong. I also went through the PS1 and N64 stages similarly playing things like Robo Pit and Final Fantasy 9. I went through the following generations with a little more maturity, but once the current generation rolled around I had to pick and choose my games carefully as my tastes had changed dramatically from when I was a kid. Box art, robots, and dinosaurs, were substituted with reviews, friends� opinions, and other media when deciding what games to choose�man times were simpler back then. Some favorites of mine include Jet Force Gemini, the Dark Cloud series, Final Fantasy 9, Personas 3 and 4, Smash Bros (and fighters in general), the Banjo Kazooie series, Pokemon, and many others.

Lastly, but not leastly (obviously correct), D-toid related fare. I began coming to this site about 3 and a half years ago as a mere lurker. After frequenting the site for a good amount of time I decided to create an account (steveoweeman) and became a commenter on main page articles. I changed to my current name not long after (means great white shark in Japanese) because I wanted a new identity (I used steveoweeman since middle school) and I wanted a name without numbers or random X�s. I was a little hesitant at first to join the c-blogs because I thought my writing wouldn�t be good enough or I wouldn�t be able to write about much, but after reading a ton of blogs recently my opinion has definetly changed. I hope to contribute some decent writing (which I actually enjoy doing) and give back to D-toid what little I have after providing me with so much info and incite into the world of gaming over the years. I also hope to gain some new friends and experiences here on the c-blogs and at events in the future. So if you�re ever in the Ft. Lauderdale area in the future (manly summer months and Christmas time), C.C. and I invite you to join us for dinner!

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About Hohojirozameone of us since 7:46 PM on 08.31.2009

I never took the time to fill this out because when I first joined I didn't think there was much to talk about...and I still think so!

Cerealy, I'm currently almost done with college and pursuing a career as a veterinarian (yay more school!). Started gaming pretty young with the Genesis and SNES thanks to my mom. I love anything that intrigues me or provides a challenge. I've been into fighting games for the most part, but tend to drop off when people get too...projectile spammy (fist fights anyone?). I also play RPGs, tried some MMOs (Mabinogi?), tried RTS's, played first person shooters (CoD sometimes), and everything else in between.

Loves me some good pixel art and old school gaming now and again.

Watched too many cartoons, and still do. Favorites include classic 90s cartoons (Street Sharks), everything Looney Tunes (Bugs specifically), classic CartoonNetwork and Nickleodien (Dexter's Lab and Hey Arnold) fare, and Animu (Champloo).

Movies are similar to my gaming interests, a little bit of everything. True Grit, zombie flicks, summer flicks, action flicks, comedies, you get the idea.

Music is more geared to Hip-hop and Nujabes type sounds, but also a bit of everything (except Country...).

Interesting Side Note: I'm Brazilian! No I do not go around saying, "BR?" everywhere.

I have a theme song!
Thanks Alphadeus!
Xbox LIVE:Hohojirozame


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