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Ha! And You Thought This Was a Bad Idea!



Well Iíve decided to start a more structured approach to these blogs rather than the stream of consciousness thing I was using earlier.

This way, I have a more streamlined approach to these blogs as well as an organized purpose and hopefully a more straight forward approach to communicating things.

My week has been good. A little minor freakout Friday, but hopefully nothing with far reaching consequences. Unprofessional to blow out in the beginning of an interview but my aim was simple: PITY ME!!!! Hahahahahha. Joking, but writing about it certainly is a form or release.

In other news, Iíll be going to Korea next week for my relatively young uncleís wedding. Weíre all very excited, personally though Iím just excited to meet new people.


Iíve been playing more and more of Half-Life 2. It is a lot harder and has a faster pace than I originally assumed. So far though, Iíve been running and gunning with absolutely no idea whatís happening.

People have told me I donít need to play the first one to really understand this one but itís still too early to make any assumptions.

In bigger news, LA Noire comes out Tuesday and my pre-order is all set. Iím so excited. Have you listened to the soundtrack? Itís on youtube and it is gorgeous (or at least so far).


I was going to watch Thor, but that plan fell through. Instead, I re watched Grosse Pointe Blank. It is one hell of a movie I tell you. Black comedy, John Cusack in top form, assassins, and some other stuff. All in all, a very enjoyable movie.

I also picked up those Rebuild of Evangelion movies. In case youíre wondering, they are a reboot of sorts of the popular Neon Genesis Evangelion, and because Iím not a purist, I find the new films to be a bit more bearable if only since Shinji is a lot less whiny. Still doesnít make the series any less dark, but at least now the psychological issues boarder on the insane rather than the inhuman.

Also, Major Katsuragi is my preferred fictional character in a cartoon full of loyal devotion to one of two parties. Just saying.

I also finally got around to watch Punch-Drunk Love. Itís the Adam Sandler movie for the people who donít take Adam Sandler seriously. It is such a fragile and tense movie but it is also a really sweet romantic comedyÖthat involves blackmail, social anxiety/anti social disorder, and it is a Paul Thomas Anderson film (Magnolia, There Will Be Blood) So you canít really go wrong can you?


Okay, I couldnít keep up the whole structured thing very well. It sounds rather dry doesnít it?

My current favorite TV show on air Community just had its series finale and it was amazing. It was first a spaghetti western type film and then for some reason moved towards a Star Wars-ish episode in its two part season finale. I urge you to check out the show if you havenít already.

Scissors has a figurine collection with a Hime figure from one of my favorite manga Yozakura Quartet. He is now one of my favorite people and I am visibly envious. Still, the man has good taste.


Iíve also started watching a show called Party Down. It is an absolute riot and I strongly recommend watching it on Netflix. It is about so many things.

Ordinary Fucking People.

Cave Story 3DS. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.

Yes rhymes with 3DS.

Though I donít necessarily have nihilistic tendencies, I prefer to think of things relatively devoid of meaning and it is through humanís own natural tendencies that apply meaning to things and that is in no way a bad thing. In fact, it is more enjoyable to know that the human race is capable in its abilities to create its own destiny.

At the same time, I believe in luck, faith, God, whichever definition fits oneís needs, but that certain force that moves things in ways that can be described as coincidental.

All in all, an enjoyable week.

I hope you enjoyed my masturbatory writing.
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