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A Compulsive Collector's Haul - Custom Corner (Zodiac) & ChillyBilly Edition!


Dag yo! So, it’s that time again, for yet another edition of A Compulsive Collector’s Haul! This week we have some beyond freakin’ awesome stuff! This isn’t exactly my most video game related post (it was saved in that regard to my homeboy ChillyBilly), but it is very DOMO and Destructoid related! I owe a big hearty thanks to the best MOMerator (Zodiac Eclipse) for what you’ll see very shortly. Still, enough with the intro, on with the show!

So, most of you have probably seen the super kickass Plushtoids that Zodiac Eclipse (one of the Forum moderators for those of you who don’t know) made for the community to buy up! Well, obviously I had to have one due to my affinity of Destructoid, not to mention helping another community member out with their awesome business! She still has some available so go to her site, Story Builder Toys and purchase your very own Plushtoid now! d(‘-‘d)

THIS is why Zodiac is the best! ^_____^ She does do custom plushies that you may have seen in her Custom Corner series. After seeing her Plushtoid post and how she does custom plushies as well, I immediately contacted her about doing something that merged my love of Destructoid with my love of DOMO. After some back and forth emails about ideas and concepts, she got to work right away, and lo and behold, we have . . . DOMOtoid! =) You could get your very own custom delight if you head to Story Builder Toys!

But no . . . just DOMOtoid wasn’t enough! I needed a DOMO who could stay true to himself, but also turn himself in the world’s best mascot! Thus, DOMO with a removable Mr. Destructoid Mask was born! Seriously! How effin’ awesome is that? It’s a mascot within a mascot! The mask is so nice and snug and Zodiac pretty much made a perfect replica of DOMO too! =3 She also has a number of other toys and plushies for sale that may interest you, at Story Builder Toys!

Finally we have a picture with both DOMOs together! Many, many, many thanks once again Zodiac Eclipse for fulfilling my request better than I could’ve ever imagined! You are the best! I’ll be sure to reward you at PAX for making these guys for me! Also, have I mentioned that you should buy stuff from her site, Story Builder Toys, yet? =P

So, long story short, these are some belated Christmas gifts I received in February or so. One of my closest buds that I’ve known pretty much forever, got me these DOMO Christmas 5” Plush Figures, and here we have Elf DOMO to go along with Wrapped in Bow DOMO! I find my DOMO collection is growing far too quickly . . . >_< . . . hahaha!

Another friend gave me this belated Christmas gift, which would be a DOMO Mustache T-Shirt that actually has a fuzzy mustache that is totally ballin’! There’s also yet another DOMO 2” Qee Collectible Figure to add to my collection and it was one of the rarer ones to boot! Hooray’d!

Also, since I’m a tard, I decided to collect the 4” DOMO Figures that Dark Horse Comics releases and it doesn’t help that they’re pretty limited too. Here we have Polka Dot (Edition of 750), Green Filigree (Edition of 550), Classic Brown, and Black Lightning (Edition of 550).

Here are also a couple t-shirts I picked up somewhat recently. One of my favorite bands are the Goo Goo Dolls and they were touring promoting their relatively new CD, Something For the Rest of Us. This was my second time seeing them and while their opening act was infinitely better this time (Steven Page formerly of The Barenaked Ladies, compared to the first time with Tomi Swick), I still think they were slightly better during their Let Love In tour. Regardless, it was a rockin’ show and I’m one of those guys who has to buy a t-shirt at every concert he goes to. The other t-shirt is from TeeFury and features a merging of two of the most badass characters around, Batman and Boba Fett, to form the ever so awesome Bat Fett!

Hmmm? A mysterious envelope arrived at my house. It bears the Destructoid symbol for the return address. Could it be . . .

Hell yeah it is! It’s the Destructoid Chill Bros. T-Shirt! Behold Mr. Destructoid in his Super Mario Bros. 3 goodness! =D But wait . . . is there some writing on the inner collar . . .

Why yes there is! It appears my shirt has been signed by none other than Pico Mause and Jon Carnage! Hooray for uniqueness! ^_^ Not going to lie though, I’m a wee bit disappointed to get #193 when I know for a fact I was one of the first to order! Maybe they don’t like international fans or something! =P Hahaha!

So, I’m one of those people that get calendars like a month or two into the new year, when they’re like 50% or more off, since I find calendars to be ridiculously overpriced for what they do. Still, there was no chance in hell I would pass up this Manchester United 2011 Calendar!

♪Take me home, United Road;♪
♪To the place, I belong;♪
♪To Old Trafford, to see United;♪
♪Take me home, United Road!♪

So, literally last year (albeit barely, hahaha), Wired’s Game|Life had a contest to win a Super Scribblenauts Maxwell Vinyl Doll. I’m pretty sure Destructoid had a similar contest or some other. Regardless, after a couple months and emails and all that good stuff, this box arrived at my house!

And inside of it was this little guy! The box that actually houses Maxwell got a bit squished in transit, but I’ll live with it, hahaha! Many thanks go out to Wired and Jason Schreier for hosting the contest! You guys rock!

This is a box. It is fairly large. It was sent to me by that pretty chill guy that goes by the name of ChillyBilly. Let us take a journey to see what it contains . . .

Okay, so I kind of lied, hahaha! ChillyBilly actually sent me a small package prior to the new year, which contained a couple of things like Trace Memory and the nothing short of amazing Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors Replica Digital Watch, which never made its way to Canada and was fairly hard to get!

So, as you may have seen from my last post, I purchased a Nintendo 3DS, but I didn’t have any games with it. Long story short, since I’m a collector and I’m paranoid and OCD about the artwork/versions of my games, I pretty much can no longer buy a Nintendo published game in Canada, since by law, they’re obligated to have this REALLY UGLY “Includes French” box ON the actual game artwork. It is so out of place and just ruins the cover of the games. Due to this, my fellow collector and all around awesome guy, ChillyBilly volunteered to be my USA video game buyer, hahaha! So, after an exchange of some funds, he picked up and shipped me Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation, Pilotwings Resort (which is actually a very nice and relaxing game to play, with my only gripe being the lack of the cannon levels from the last game), and Nintendogs + Cats: Toy Poodle & New Friends.

I’m also subscribed to Capcom’s online store, so I can see new pre-orders and exclusives they have. Well, they had a special exclusive where if you ordered Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Editon through them, you would get the elusive Ryu’s Belt Lanyard and Collectible Lenticular Card (it’s like the 3D cover, so you guys get to see the back of it, which says “Accepting All Challengers”). Once again, I got one of my best Destructoid mates to order it for me, since it’s actually cheaper in terms of shipping for it to get sent to him and him to send it to me, as opposed to paying like $25 to get a single DS game and lanyard sent to me in Canada.

Being as awesome as he is, it seems ChillyBilly knows I have a crippling weakness for anything DOMO related. Here he managed to pick me up 3 of the DOMO 2” Qee Collectible Figures! It’s interesting to see how he’s just really starting to get “popular” here in North America, but he was already somewhat passé when I went to Japan during Christmas. >_<

I also think that someone is trying to give me diabetes or something! =P Hahaha! Here we have some Coin Candies, Game Boy Advance 3D Gummy Candies, Super Star Candies, and Chaos Emeralds Cherry-Apple Sours that my zombie avatar friend included in the box!

Being the swag whores we are, it’s commonplace to see some interesting/unique swag that we sent one another. This time I got a Pac-Man Hide & Seek (which I think was a Wendy’s kids meal toy, hahaha), a de Blog 2 Figure (bluetongue), a GameStop PowerUp Rewards Sticker (which is SUPPOSED to be coming to Canada), and a Slime Plush! ^_^

Now we have a lot of DOMO upcoming. Here we have a bunch of DOMO Figurines 1 Inch Toy Capsules that he packed into the box, which have DOMO dressed up as various characters, like a Gangster, Lifeguard, etc.

Here we have a DOMO Pin, DOMO Boyscout Keychain, and friggin’ DOMO headphones . . . HEADPHONES! They’re setup so it’s like DOMO is coming out of your ears! So badass!

Finally, we’ll end this haul with the best item that ChillyBilly sent me . . . a DOMO Fleece Towel! As you can see in the picture, the thing is HUGE and is pretty much 5 feet by 4 feet, featuring my favorite character’s mug! Also, the label doesn’t lie and it IS indeed “SUPER SOFT!” Once again, many thanks dude! You’re the best and in typical response, I’ll be gathering more things to send you! =)

Since we’re on the topic of ChillyBilly, we had a discussion the other day about potatoes, how they’re for white folk (just for you mrandydixon ^_^), and how mashed potatoes are awesome. This inspired me to do some cooking, so what you see are some mashed (Yukon Gold I believe) potatoes with some milk, butter, a couple spoons of bacon grease, bacon, green onions, and chives that I put together.

I cooked for the family that night, so here’s a plate of mashed potatoes, some grilled king oyster mushrooms, and nicely grilled (note the crisscross pattern, hahaha) rib eye steaks. Pretty much multiply this picture by four.

Can’t BBQ something without having some low heat, upper shelf of the BBQ cooked onions and garlic!

Also, to prove to Nic128 that I am indeed Chitalian, here are some grilled red peppers that I sliced up and put in an olive oil and fig flavored balsamic vinegar! =P

Well, that ends yet another edition of A Compulsive Collector’s Haul. I apologize for it not being as gaming related as most of my posts, but I guess you can blame that on Zodiac Eclipse and ChillyBilly for being so lame . . . =P . . . hahaha! I can PROMISE you though that my next haul will be VERY game intensive, as I hit another big MILESTONE in my gaming collection! Until next time, latez mates!

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