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Escaping the gaming media, and seeking shelter at Destructoid: An overdue intro

I've been an active Dtoid member for about half a year now, but I've never properly introduced myself. So here it is my introduction post. For starters here are some pictures of me.

I named my cat Mike Tyson's Punch-Out or Punch-Out for short

Their is my inner weirdo. The me who use to chew up crayons in middle school to spit them out on the floor making it look like fake vomit (one time when I did this it made someone else actually puke, and then that made someone else puke, it was amazing), the me that makes barking noises in the background when people are on the phone, the me that went onto the side of the road at midnight with a ripped up shirt and pretended to be a zombie for half an hour for no reason, the me that has a tape recorder and has a hobby of discovering and making weird noises. The me that writes cute little stories with chibi figures. This is my optimistic happy side, I can make almost anyone laugh, This part of my personality has a childlike quality, I can be a little girly and love-duby at times. If you ever see me squeeing happiness over a game this is the side of my personality that is currently showing. To sum it up this is my inner-child/feminine side.

Then there is my semi-pessimistic intellectual side. This is the part of my personality that spends an extensive amount of my time doing research. In high school and in college I spent a lot of time studying and documenting the behavior of humans, (similar to the way Jane Goodall did with chimpanzees). The topics of sociology and psychology are endlessly fascinating to me. Through my observations and research I've become very good at empathizing with others and understanding the motivation behind certain human behaviors. This is the side of my personality that has gained a reputation for writing obscenely long comments or "mini-blogs" as I call them (on one occasion I literally wrote a blog in someone's blog ), and dropping logic bombs.

Sometimes I go a little overboard with my comments, here's an example from a conversation I was having with ManWithNoName (cool dude) notice how far back I had to zoom out just to see all of it

I love a good intellectual debate, and thoroughly enjoy sharing my perspective and hearing the perspectives of others. Sometimes I may come off as a condescending ass, but I don't mean to I just like sharing my opinion, and I never claim to be correct all of the time.

I wrote three paragraphs about the other websites I use to frequent, but I've decided to scrap them because it was just a boring pompous rant. Basically I started of with Gamespot, but left because they let a lot of news go unreported and a ton of games go without reviews. I still go back there every so often for nostalgia, but it's pretty crappy. After I left Gamespot I switched to IGN. It was okay there a little sterile, but it wasn't too bad. I was there for three to five years I never created an account I just went there for the news. I chose to neglect the comments because it was a breeding ground for trolls, and nothing stimulating ever really came out of it. When I reflect back on IGN I feel somewhat bitter and angry. I enjoyed my time there, they introduced me to a lot of great games that I might have ignored, but the last year they changed it's not the same place anymore. To me it feels like a betrayal, It's like being in a relationship with a close friend, and then they turn into a different person. I keep going back there like someone in an abusive relationship, it's just so routine it's hard to stop, but I need to quit cause I don't like being there.

Screenshot from CAG that I took from some random users it does a good job at suming up the place

The internet is generally a pessimistic playground. It's society without rules. If you are reading this you know how hateful the internet can be. You post something minor like "this games looks interesting" and you'll get thumbed down, and be bombarded by comments of people telling you that you are not a real gamer because you play an inferior system.

Destructoid is different, we send each other gifts, write each other heartfelt comments, we write fan fiction about each other, holy crap I'm going to be in a videogame. We don't do this cause we have have to, we have no obligation. We do it because we want to. We realize that other users aren't just faceless avatars, but instead are real people with real problems, we'll talk about what games were excited for, musings or empathize with each other when we're going through a tough time.

The current theme on my PS3

This is going to sound to cheesy, but Destructoid has helped restore some of my hope in humanity

This world is a twisted, putrid fucked up place. I'm one of those people who spends too much time reading books, watching documentaries, and reading editorials/articles trying to discover the truth. When you look past the candy-coated bull shit and realize that lots of fucked up things are going on behind the scenes. It's gets so incredibly difficult to get up in the morning, look past all the bullshit and corruption, and find something to smile about. We've become so jaded, wasteful and greedy. It's become somewhat of a rarity to find someone my age who appreciates that they've been given the opportunity to live, and is just happy to be alive.

I'd like to think that for every bad thing that happens, and every vile human in existence, their is someone else doing something good with pure intentions. I don't know if that's true, but this world is a beautiful place, sometimes I get so wrapped up in the negative that I forget that their are many good people, it's just that they do their positive actions in subtlety, while people who commit heinous acts do them loudly. Destructoid helps shine the light on the positive for me. When I see heartfelt comments it reminds me that the reason we've been able to survive as a species is because of our compassion for one another.

I like that this is a site for people who like to play video, not a site to bash people for what video games they like.

Destructoid: No Bullshit, Just Video Games

That's what Destructoid is to me it's a refugee where all these awesome people who were sick of all the hatred and crap they get from other websites found each other and made a cool club, and it's not some elitist we're better than you club. It's a we just just want to play games,make inappropriate jokes, and we love new people club.

People come and go Shit happens,

I'm sure two years ago their was a guy on the Cblogs that was thanking you all immensely, and five years from now their will be some girl pouring her heart out on the keyboard in a post that is nearly identical to this one. Six months ago when I spent most of my time on the main page, and only occasionally lurked the cblogs, it was a different place. I've went back and read some old blogs, and in the comments section I see a bunch of users I don't recognize. Yet when I read their input they are beaming with the things that make this community great, it almost makes me feel like I know them, and I wish I had been around to see what they were like.

All of you who are reading this right now are part of my Dtoid Generation, I don't know what to call it, but it's our special subset in the Dtoid timeline. You old timers who have been with this site for a long time, all of you who started out around the same time I did that gave me someone to relate to when we were figuring out how things worked out around here together, all of you lurkers who keep showing up every week that I look forward to getting to know better............. and touch inappropriately.

This is a part of my life that I will never forget, and will always hold deep nostalgia for (it's sounds weird to say that as it's happening). Right now we are creating memories. They always say that you don't know what you have till it's gone, and that you never show appreciation when you still can. Well I know what I have and it's a great, and I'm showing my appreciation right now.

thank you for giving me a place to express myself
thank you for reading the things I have to say and actually enjoying them
thank you for giving me a place where I can be myself, and not be judged
thank you for your compassion
and thank you for restoring some of my faith in humanity

I came to Destructoid looking for a news source that reported on the types of games I play, and I found something better I found a group of great people that I can call friends......also cocks

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