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Using Movie History to Ponder the Future of Gaming, Sort of


In the future this won't look stupid.

Where does that hypothetically leave the threshold for video games then? Where's the threshold now? Are people reluctant to play anything before this current generation aside from nostalgic motivations, even? Will people rely on remakes of classics on newer systems to experience them? Sure, video game remakes are usually far better than remakes of classic movies, and sure it's harder and more expensive to experience classic games than it is to watch classic films (though with the classic game libraries on all the current systems it's not that hard) but I think it's still comparable. Am I terribly interested in what games the majority of current gamers consider to be too old for them? Well, no, people will like what they like and vice versa and I'm really not an elitist trying to shove the supposed "golden era of gaming" down people's throats. I just look forward to seeing it all play out and I am confident there will be a large number of people, like me, who are at least interested enough in this certain medium to check out its history for themselves.
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