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Saving the MMO: With Imagination!


I'll be in the news tomorrow. The papers will rush to piece together a hurried article about the heist, and like usual they will get the details wrong. On TV they will play the old stock footage of me fighting (and losing to) Miss Liberty over top of the Atlas globe. They have other footage of me, from the time I joined up with Chillblaine to take over Christmas village, or from when I drove the Freakshow out of my lair in Sharkshead Isle, but I know they will play the Miss Liberty clip. They always do. Me floundering in the air, the moon boots all but out of energy. The lash of Liberty's perfect blonde and impossibly long hair snaking around as she drives the flat of her palm through the reinforced chassis of the last of my robots. Her smug smirk as she holds me afloat off the edge of the world by the strap of my harness.

That was how they liked to think of me. A joke. A ridiculous girl playing dress-up with elaborate stupid toys. Never a real threat, not someone they had to take seriously. There would always be some perfect popular girl like Miss Liberty to put me in my place. Fine. Let them think what they want. I have the bones now, that ancient pair of dice supposedly the first toy ever made and brimming with a power only I could ever appreciate. My luck is about to change.
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