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Comments of the Week: I Feel Feyntastic

I was away for a little while, but now I'm back. I guess Xero had to step out for a little while or something, and The Bus asked me to do some Commetingoid. I wasn't super busy, so I said, "sure!"

This week's Commentoid is in honor of the esteemed Dr. Feynman, who is my new hero, ever since I finished reading his book. I can't say enough good things about it: humor, wit, adventures, and science! Totally worth reading.

I guess it's also a reference to a song of a similar name by the amazing Jonaathan Coulton.

You see, when you examine it deeply, it's not really so unfair to ask about how magnets work.

I did about a week's worth of the frontpage (here to here) and cblogs (here to here).

From: Nintendo confirms new console in quarterly report

This kind of fragmentation of their market should be concerning at some level. Two different latest-gen systems plus two current-gen systems that have nowhere near lived out their welcome?

From: Cospa makes Persona 4 glasses

What a remarkably complete analysis of a pair of gimmicky gaming spectacles. Are you a doctor or something? The stuff you seem to take for granted that glasses-wearing people know is unbeknownst to me, a glasses-wearer for over twenty years.

From: Allow Me To Be Dark, For But A Moment (NVGR)

I am a sucker for kind, understanding words from one human to another, especially on Dtoid. I love to see the truth in such things.

From: Rocket launcher enemas!

I was going to comment, but then I noticed The Sama said pretty much exactly what I would have. Let it be known that there still exist shooters that put everyone on a more or less equal playing field at the start of a match.

From: Assassin's Creed Revelations reveal incoming

Man, I will take the barest excuse to include a picture of Kristen Bell, won't I?

Huh. This is the second time I've done ths. Oh hey, looks like Veronica Mars is on streaming Netflix. Worth checking out!

From: Review: Fate of the World

Nice wake-up call for some people in this comments thread.

From: Here's every fatality from the new Mortal Kombat

Komplex maths and kodes to simulate your kombats.

From: Square Enix trademarks Hitman: Absolution

Are you ready for this? Let's just let the anticipation build for a second.

Okay, that's quite enough.

Why do I love this site? It's probably that feeling you get just before you open a post, where you just can't wait to see if there's a ridiculous, impromptu meme in the comments.

From: A Mario Paint Easter egg kit was a thing once

I can't imagine it originated here, but the "is a thing" / "a thing that happened" stuff always makes me chuckle, so high five to Megastryke.

From: Review: Air Penguin

I won't tarnish these humorous comments with my lame jokes, so instead here is a video of Feynman playing bongos. He was apparently a reasonably competent percussionist in Brazil, where he went to teach for a while.

From: What Video Games Have Done to Us

As a public service announcement, the best way to get comments to the actual Commentoid officiators is to go to the Commentoid blog, look on the sidebar for who is the current one, and PM them. I was lucky to see it this time, Occams!

From: P2 Press Start: A Grateful Man

Help! Crime got taken over by a bot! I love making fun of spam bots. Although, who says he's imitating a bot? This could explain a lot...

From: Xbox Live phishing scammers infest Modern Warfare 2

This portion of Commentoid is known as Bakewell's corner. He has a habit of showing up at least once when it's my turn.


These posts are rife with comments. Sometimes this is just way too easy. I especially prefer to read falsenipple's comment in the voice of a turret from Portal.

From: PSN+ for 30 days? how 'bout suck mah...

I'm just going to leave you with this. It's good that we have people who are trained to deal with these kind of cblog posts in the correct manner.

Creating this image would not have been possible without the use of CSS3 Multi-column support, now also in the first preview build of IE10.

From: Converse x Super Mario Bros. 25th anniversary shoe

I'll let you judge. I'm not much of a Chuck Taylors guy. Then again, I'm not a tap dancing guy either.

From: What Project Cafe means for a hardcore Nintendo fan

I love that it wasn't until my second time visiting this page that I got the joke. It's hard for me to espresso how mocha I love these.

From: Frozenbyte Bundle owners get source code, level editor

I see. Tell me more about this "WUT".

From: Will You Survive The Hipster Apocalypse?

You have lost me. Hopelessly. Being on this site and making such a comment are at such odds in my mind that it's going to implo--

From: What Video Games Have Done to Us

Assignment: make a weird comment on some random blog...? Sounded like a spambot until I didn't find a link at the end.

A brief interlude with Feynman: a puzzle.

From: Dog fighting game Dog Wars pulled from Android Market

You do realize that censorship really wouldn't be a big deal if we were talking about things that everyone agrees are good, right? Someone doesn't seem to understand that censorship only really matters when talking about distasteful, horrendous, heinous, or just plain unpopular things.

From: Sniper: Ghost Warrior coming to PS3 on June 28

I'm not a video game historian by any stretch of the imagination, but I can remember sniper rifles as far back as the Railgun in Quake 2. That's quite a long time ago. Or are you redundantly saying that all FPS gaming is "modern"?

From: Blizzard: Diablo III is 'in the home stretch'

I love a good "sarc". I dunno, I just made that word up. It's stupid. Anyway, I couldn't decide whether to put this in LOL or WUT. Ultimately, I noticed WUT was looking a bit light, so there we go.

As compensation for not having anything witty or interesting to say here, I know you're dying to hear what Feynman says about the train after the end of the previous video. I wouldn't dream of keeping that from you.

From: PSA: Don't download the new Fallout: New Vegas patch yet!

See, the thing is, trying isn't quite good enough. If you try to fix a game I paid a good $60 for, but fail miserably (as they appear to have done--there are still major, game-breaking glitches today), then that doesn't count for good will. That just makes you look incompetent. I'm also glad you're not a game developer.

From: Super Mario Bros. Wii bath stickers for your shower time

I did a lot of "uhhhhh" while reading this.

From: L.A. Noire lets you skip bits if you keep failing

I don't know why people latched onto this particular comment when almost everything related to this post was equally vehement and zealous.

As an aside, in order to get the fancy miniature effects you see there, I modify the page with a bunch of javascript before screenshotting. It's so clever I felt like telling you about it. Maybe I will share my scripts in a future Commentoid.

That wraps it up for this week. Until next time!

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