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Quickblog: Dear gamers, multiple game disks are fine. Get over it.


Dear gamers,

Videogames are our beloved medum. We all know that they basically are programs that need to be contained somewhere in order to excecute them everytime we have that characteristic itch on our fingers.

Now, here's the thing. Which one of you criticised a game before the current gen consoles about the media the game was in?

The latest rage about L.A. Noire going around the internet for being in multiple disks on 360 and that "it's better played on the PS3" makes my eyes roll over. Seriously people. Haven't you learn that gamers should not care about the containing media but the game itself?

It's like saying, "yeah, Mortal Kombat on SNES was better than Mortal Kombat on Genesis because the SNES cartridges had higher capacity" Overlooking completely each version's merits and weaknesses.

Also, does anybody remember a multiple disk game that sucked because of the.. multiple disks? Lost Odyssey was awesome on 360. I can't remember anybody complaining about disk swapping on Final Fantasy 7 or Final Fantasy 8, Parasite Eve 2 etc.

Besides, multiple game disks use to separate the different chapters of games. For example, Final Fantasies on PSX used to give the player a shock right before the disk's ending, concluding the "chapter", giving the gamers the time they need to think of what they just saw. It was a clear separation of chapters.

What if Final Fantasy 7 had Aeris' death somewhere in the middle of the game without a pause for the gamers to stomach the loss? It would have been a "meh, she died" event right next to other events and wouldn't be that memorable if the gamers wouldn't have the time to think about it. The next events would take over quickly and the gamers would mourn her death as they mourn for an outgoing fart.

So, don't get me wrong, I'm not bashing Blu-Ray and its capacity - It's fine by me. The problem is that gamers need to stop thinking about things that don't matter. What if L.A. Noire turns out to be a monstrocity? Will the single-discness it save it?

So, open that lid and throw in the second disc, gamers. Your couch and snacks won't go anywhere for the few seconds you're up, changing the disk...

Wow, last minute thought: I don't remember a game spun in more than one cartridges! Let's go back to the cart era! YAY FUN!

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