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Crysis 2

[color=darkred][/color] Well Crysis 2 dominated my obsessiveness in games since early 2010. I started searching for Far cry 3 hoping to see a new map editor from my favorite people at CRYTEK. Scrolling through the thousands of posts i come across Crysis 2. It was the only thing on my mind for almost an entire year. I was sorely disappointed in the fact that Crysis 2 didn't have a map editor, one of the main reason i bought it was for such.
Other than that disappointment i found the Campaign very cinematic, enthralling, much like a good book or movie you don't want to end. It graphics pure beauty and there isn't much that can compare to it besides games made by the Frostbite engine. (Battlefield, Mirrors edge) but besides my opinion i hear some people saying that Crysis was just another Halo clone. Yes there are some similarities like Cloaking and increased armor strength but other than that the stories are almost completely different, the only notable thing in common is the super soldier and an alien invasion.
Me being a Halo fan i was quite skeptical watching the video's for multiplayer but once i saw the soldier kick a car into an enemy i was completely sold on the game, i had to have it. For those of you looking for a different type of game, a great story, and amazingly beautiful graphics, grab yourself a copy of Crysis 2.
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