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P2 Press Start: This is My Friend


This is my friend. I’ve known him since elementary school and we’ve been playing games together ever since we met. I love him.

Together, we’ve fought the battle at Helms Deep and survived the journey to Mordor. We fought to see whose soul shined brighter and whose smash was superior. Before we started a Rock Band, we were Guitar Heroes and before we were gamers we were friends.

It’s been hard thinking of how to write a monthly musing the past few months because my own experiences seem hard to describe, but this musing has given me the opportunity to share with you a bond I know many of you had shared before.

The reason why we played games together was because we were eager to share with each other. That we trusted each other to have our back or to be good sports after a match. It’s a bond formed through absolute trust and more importantly, joy.

We enjoyed playing with each other.

Every now and then he would buy a new game and he would call me over. “Hey! Guess what I got! Get over here now!”

Every now and then I would buy a new game and I would call him over. “Dude! I got this new game! Get over here now!”

Decisions we made were based on the idea of “Are there 2 players?”

My earliest memory came from when together, we played The Lord of the Rings games (Both The Two Towers and Return of the King). He was always Aragorn and I was Legolas. Why? Because I knew he liked Aragorn and so I always let him pick him. I didn’t mind, I just enjoyed playing with him and I knew he would do a better job covering my back with Aragorn.

When he brought home Rock Band for the Playstation 2 for the first time, he called me over and together we spent the entire night playing through the entire game. Even though the drums were the cool new peripheral, he let me use them because he knew I was curious and he didn’t mind playing the guitar for a little longer. He was happy to let me because he is my friend and friends can make these sacrifices, that although seemingly small, are understood as something greater.

Even as we grew older and our tastes in video games diverged, we will still play with each other.

A shooter junky, my friend loves a good game of Call of Duty and I would be happy to oblige him in a game despite my hesitation to play such games. I do it because even if we don’t see each other as often as we do, or talk to each other as often as we do, personally driving over and setting aside a few hours to play and catch up with each other means more to me than the whole world.

I bought Portal 2. Even though my friend has never played the original, let alone hear about the sequel, he’ll still play with me and my “nerdy” endeavors because he is my friend, and he is willing to experience and play the things I like because he knows sharing these moments are precious to us both.

About a month ago, the two of us bought Pokemon: Black & White and together we realized we were still children.

He called me up one day and told me excitedly.

“Hey, let’s buy the new Pokemon game! Which version do you want?”


“You know, so that you get one version and I get the other!”

I chuckled a bit and replied that I’d probably get White but quickly realized something from the sound of his voice.

“Hey, which version do you want?” I asked.

“Are you sure? Because I wanted White.”

Hearing him say that brought me back to when we were together in the 4th grade. I realized that no matter what game we played, whether it would be my Philadelphia Eagles against his New England Patriots in a game of Madden, or his Kilik against my Nightmare, the same characters we’ve been using since playing SoulCalibur on his Dreamcast all those years ago, we would still be playing games in the future and we would do it because we can feel like we did when we were kids. When social and occupational obligations didn’t keep us apart and we would stay up all night and play games until the morning, get sick from too much candy, and try to see who could stay up the longest (It was usually me).

He is my friend. I’ve been friends with him for over ten years and he is my P2.

He also kicked my ass last week in a Pokemon match. His Zekrom is cheap as hell.

Maybe I should have bought White version after all.

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