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Have a Creeper Rap!

I like how every time I say the words "I'm going to update this thing more often." it somehow translates to me using some sort of mathematical combination of Mayan and Valve Time that basically state that I never *do* the intended thing. Stuff happens, terrible plots are unfurled and vanquished and sometimes I'm just very sleepy and forget for a while. It's all well-intentioned, I assure you!

But this time is the time! I will update more often! I have a game I'm working on at the moment and I really need a place to write things down in order to keep my goals. That could very well be here! Work is slow on it at the moment, but I'm finally at a point where I can begin making levels instead of mystifying over mysterious bugs that are beyond mankind's comprehension. I'll be sure to include some more info and pics when I feel its ready to be shown off.

But in the meantime, as a form of appeasement, have a nerdcore rap about everyone's favorite green mob thingy from Minecraft. He just wants to hug you! HUG YOU DEAD.

Yes, I was very bored the weekend this was made, but I'm still proud of it. I may do more of these in the future, depending on the reaction. Pxtone was used for the majority of the music. Crowbar/SirCrowbar is the nick I usually go by everywhere on the internet I don't feel like having a weirder name (See my Xbox Gamertag), so it ended up being my choice for artist name at the moment. Sorry for the confusion!

Anyway, enjoy! And I mean it about the updating thing! Yes, yes I see you rolling your eyes. We'll see who is eye rolling last! ... Wow, that makes even less sense than it did in my head.
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Yo. I'm this dude. I do the things that make my life revolve around. Or something or other. Mostly, I try to figure out how to fit the mission guy from Bad Dudes into anything and everything. To show how dedicated I am to this idea, I own the domain https://www.badenoughdude.com/ Someday, I may even do more with it! Aside from that, I'm also the writer of a webcomic called RIPtheSYSTEM (https://www.ripsystem.com) and spend a lot of my time thinking up too many damn ideas for my own good. If this was an earlier time, I would have been executed for such things. Instead, I can just bitch about them on the internet. Hooray!

When I'm not doing weird stuff on the internet, I'm doing weird stuff behind or in front a camera. I'm part of the duo who created the sketch comedy group "Channel Z: The Last TV Station" (https://www.thelasttvstation.com/) Some of it has to do with video games!

When I'm not doing either of the two above, I'm planning my war room for when I get rich. It'll look exactly like the room in Wargames and have the game "Defcon" constantly playing at all times. You cannot sway me from this path.
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