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My first year of Dtoid...

I canít believe itís been over a year since my previous and only blog post. I thought it would be appropriate however, to reflect on the year Iíve had with the lovely people at Dtoid UK (& Europe) before continuing to possibly contribute more to the community blogs.

In this last year I have been whole-heartedly welcomed into the warm and friendly bosom of the lovely Dtoid UK crowd and have been lucky to attend several events such as MCM Expo, which was my first time meeting these weird internet people.

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Audio geek who has a passion for picking apart games audio. I have 2 music degrees and I also do radio thingies. I did lots of gaming related shows for my student radio station. It was fun.

I am an Xbox 360/ steam for mac gamer.

I like scary games and RPGs

Old Games which I still have a soft spot for:

Abe's Oddworld
Final Fantasy VII
Kingdom Hearts
Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines
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