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While the time ive been gone ive beens playing madden 11 on xbox live,and its really cool,and also i noticed that people know alot of glitches and hacks cause' people have been helping me a hell of alot.by the way my gamer profile name is AFRONINJA if you where wondering(you probly were not).
Alot of the games that i play on xbox live people help me even if there not on my team and tell me what to do to get achievments and glitches to get medals and to walk through walls.one time i got like 20 medals because some one told me a glitch.im usualy the halairios bad ass killing every one with a MG or somthin.

''AFRONINJA is a pretty funny dude on xbox live and hes pretty gangster.ive never met him but he told me his name and he knows mine.hes one dude that knows what hes doin in gears of war,madden 11,halo reach and...just about any game'' -nate

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