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Aaamaazing: Finding Beauty in the ‘Storm


BulletStorm does not have had a deep and compelling narrative, nor does it have genre innovating mechanics. But what it does have is a well paced narrative, a solid Ranged/Melee combat system built around however you want to play, and some truly hilarious and odd-ball character dialogue and scripted event. Plus you get to control a giant mechanical dinosaur and crush your enemies. Who honestly hasn’t wanted to do that?! People Can Fly did a fantastic job on BulletStorm, from toe to dismembered and bullet-soaked head and I hope whatever title they work on next, they can make it stranger and more unique then BulletStorm.

If you’re on the fence about BulletStorm, I don’t blame you because I was there not too long ago. But, if you give it a shot, you’ll find a beautifully created world made just for you to stain and scar with the blood and bones of your enemies…just watch out for those Hekatons…
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