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Wii 2?

Wii 2?

The news is out there. Apparently there have been reports that Nintendo is going to unveil a new console this year at E3, with the ultimate goal being to recapture the hardcore gaming market. Now, whether or not these reports turn out to be true, I think that this brings up a big question for the gaming world: should there be a new console?

To quickly answer my tease of a question, the answer is yes, for Nintendo.

I want to clarify my beliefs here; I donít think that we need an Xbox 720 or a Playstation 4, Iím totally cool with my 360 and the PS3 feels like itís still just starting to get good. The real thing here is whether or not Nintendo needs a new system, and I think that it is pretty clear that, yes, they do.

There is no denying that the Wii was a HUGE success, so much of one that in order to get across just how big of a success it was I had to go to all of the trouble of hitting the caps lock for a word. But the Wiiís future is undeniably limited at this point; both of the major system competitors have motion control now, hell they have better motion control, and thatís in addition to their more powerful systems, better graphics, and better games. Whether you like the Wii or not you canít deny that this generation of consoles, while successful fiscally, was not necessarily a renaissance for Nintendo software. There are great games on the system, some of the best games of all time are on the system (Mario Galaxy, Galaxy 2), but the truth of the matter is that I havenít played my Wii for a very long time.

So now with the competition matching Nintendo in the motion control department it would only make sense that they are going to create a new console to try and get back some of that competitive edge.

With that in mind I would like to point out a few things that I think Nintendo should know.

Also less this...

1. Donít just boost up the graphics of the console. The graphics war is a war that Nintendo will never win; they tried to do that with the Gamecube, and I believe we all remember how that turned out. Weíve had HD consoles for the last six years, and we are still figuring out new ways to boost the graphics and use the technology. Iíd rather we all werenít forced to update for all of our systems. Thatís why I said that Nintendo AND ONLY Nintendo should create a new systemĖ the 360 and PS3 are good. So, with that in mind, Nintendo has to try to stand out from the pack. Thatís what makes the company successful: when theyíre pushing the foundations of gaming, like introducing a 3D world or motion control. What they donít do well is play the system graphics pissing contest; itís what made the Gamecube such a failure.

2. Bring the software. One of the things thatís most frustrating about Nintendo is that what they do, they do so freaking well, and what they do is make kick-ass games. Thatís why people are willing to buy a whole other console just so they can play Mario or Zelda. Iím not the first to admit that I own a Wii pretty much for the Nintendo games, to the exclusion of pretty much everything else (if I want a shooter Iíll buy it for the 360). So if they are indeed releasing a new console they better bring it. Iím talking Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Pikmin, Super Smash Bros., make the system worth buying, because God knows I wonít buy a console if thereís no software.

3.Go digital. This has been a long time coming, but really, Nintendo, itís time you learned to use the Internet. Everyone else does, itís the most annoying part of your console, and to be entirely honest itís just really annoying that I canít play Super Smash Bros. online without a friend code or a three-hour wait for a shitty connection.

4. Finally have a real controller. If I have to no choice but waggle control I am going to hunt you down Nintendo, and I will throw my Wiimote in your face.

-Quinn Anderson

So what do you guys think? Want a new system? Donít want one? How hard doesÖ suck? Post below.
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