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Kobold's Quest, an indie game about feeding babies to monsters


Pledge your support:

Read about it on ByteJacker:

Pledge $1
Thank you!

Pledge $5
A copy of the PC game when it is released.

Pledge $15
Name added to the credits as a contributor, a Kobold's Quest pin pack, beta access, plus all previous pledge levels.

Pledge $25
Signed mini poster plus all previous pledge levels.

Pledge $50
Your name prominantly displayed in the credits, Signed poster, plus all previous pledge levels.

Pledge $100
Get a Level / Town named after you, or choose your own name, plus all previous pledge levels (Limited Supply).

Pledge $200
Design a Peasant, plus all previous pledge levels.

Pledge $250
You will receive a copy of every PC game that Suckerfree Games releases and all previous pledges.

Pledge $500
You design a level for our current game engine and we will build it. The level will be an un-lockable bonus level and you will be credited as a level designer.

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