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Video games aren't movies: Response to Jimquisition


I like to respond to Jimquisitions. Some of his have very good messages in them, such as the one about how Jim wasn't playing the game right. Then the one about how super-hero games don't make you really feel super. But I'm sorry Jim, but there are times when you take things TOO literally, and this is one of them. It just makes you sound dumb and willing to rant about anything as long as you get 500000 views.

What do I mean, “Too literally,”? I mean that, for example, I call Heavy Rain a movie. Is it really? Obviously not, seeing how you can interact with it and it has gameplay elements. However, it's a game that focuses a lot more on the story and cutscenes than actual gameplay. And what are movies? Nothing but cutscenes and gameplay. Therefore, I compare the two. Mainly to prove a point, and also to make a joke.

I've played Heavy Rain, and while I didn't love it, I didn't quite hate it either. My feelings were mixed. I felt deprived of gameplay yet I enjoyed the story. I could see the game being taken, having the gameplay taken out of it entirely, a few tweaks here and there, and you would have an actual movie. Maybe I'm exaggerating when I say it's that close to a movie, but in my eyes, that what it really appears to be. I know movies aren't games, and games aren't movies. Obviously Jim Sterling, you can't understand the point people like I try to make when we poke fun at MGS 4's 30 minute cutscene/s.

Maybe I'm dumb for being so bothered by this to actually write a blog about it, but oh well. I love to see the Jimquisitions with a good topic that's debatable, but this, is not. Obviously, movies and games are not the same thing. We cleared that up when the first video game was released. And honestly, I'm kind of glad all of the commentators on the video kind of agree with me when I say that Jim did horrible in this video.

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