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Dtoid NY heads to Blipfest 2011 (New Updates)


BLIP FESTIVAL NEW YORK 2011 from 2 Player Productions on Vimeo.

[Note] This is a repost of our upcoming Blipfest trip with additional info. Single day tickets are now on sale and the full schedule has been released we will definitely be around on Thursday to see our friend Zen Albatross perform, and on Friday and Saturday as well.

Hey guys, I really wanted to get the word out about this event but this usually one of our biggest gatherings of the year. Dtoid New York is going to be heading to the Eyebeam for Blipfest 2011 concert series on May 19-21st. It is an annual event that we get a really good group for and for the first time, a member of DTNY and great individual, Zen Albatross, will be performing live during the three day festival. There will be plenty of other artists on the bill including Bit Shifter, Nullsleep and the group responsible for the Scott Pilgrim video game soundtrack, Anamanaguchi.

Three day passes are on sale right now and individual tickets will be put on sale in due time. I will let you know as soon as those go on sale. Please save the dates if possible and come hang out with us in the city during that weekend. We may be doing something during the daytime during those dates so if you have other evening arrangements, you can still hang out with a few of us.

Here is the basic info from the Facebook event page:

8bitpeoples & The Tank present

May 19-21 2011 at Eyebeam
540 West 21st Street
New York NY 10011 US
map: http://goo.gl/ju6DT


If you know that you can make it out and want to hang out with us that weekend, please send a response through the Dtoid Chat or PM system to the user known as power-glove so that he can give you the appropriate details and information when we formalize our plans.

Full Schedule:
Thursday 5/19
08:00 Chipzel m7kenji
08:40 Zen Albatross vade
09:20 Talk To Animals Raquel Meyers
10:00 Ralp visualicious
10:40 minusbaby enso
11:20 Anamanaguchi Party Time! Hexcellent!
12:00 Beastmode Deadbeatblast (guest visualist)
12:40 Ultrasyd NO CARRIER

Friday 5/20
08:00 NNNNNNNNNN enso
08:40 Tristan Perich
09:20 4mat Raquel Meyers Peter Swimm m7kenji
10:00 Ten Thousand Free Men & Their Families NO CARRIER
10:40 Stagediver vade
11:20 Bit Shifter visualicious
12:00 exileFaker Party Time! Hexcellent!
12:40 cTrix m7kenji

Saturday 5/21
08:00 Noisewaves Party Time! Hexcellent!
08:40 Wet Mango NO CARRIER
09:20 Peter Swimm m7kenji
10:00 Starscream
10:40 A.M.U vade
11:20 Nullsleep enso
12:00 Bubblyfish visualicious
12:40 Henry Homesweet Raquel Meyers
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