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Galacticferret´s Top 5 evil mind douche bags in the industry

This is my first list in this fine site and I was thinking on doing the "people I admire they so cool" stuff but then I realize there is like a lot of that already, so I'm going with the top 5 evil mind douche bags in the industry, with no more preamble here they are:

5.- David Cage, Mr Pepe le Artsy David Cage has made arguably one good game with Indigo Prophecy I guess... and Heavy Rain which is good if you a middle age single woman, but perhaps Mr Cage it`s not really evil he is just a pretentious mouth loose douche bag who will rant about the current state of video games every chance he gets, among his brilliant quotes we find him asking for the "industry to grow up" I actually though he was asking for adult content you know a la redtube or his latest: "comparing games to film, drive the industry forward".. I'm just going with what Destructoid´s Darren Nakamura said "I used to think David Cage was just a guy who made mediocre videogames. The more he talks though, the more I think he really doesn't know what he's doing."

Deep inside David Cage I think there is a nice guy, but the upper layers are just way to French for my taste.

4.- R. Richard Fontaine, This Tom Selleck´s clon old man and certified douche bag was the Gamestop´s CEO for 6 years, during his reign of evilness second hand selling practices: "Gamestop experienced tremendous growth" according to the board of directors. Gamestop claims he gives power to the players wheter or not you support the second hand market it´s a personal choice I respect.. but in the other hand: give me a f•$king brake.. Gamestop gives a shitt about giving power to the players. They seem to be more focus on giving pre orders and having big cuts for re-sell used video games.

3.- EA´s John Riccitiello - This happy handsome looking man is the Deuche bag master mind behind EA´s online pass and "sell the same f"•king game every year strategy" highly successful with the FIFA and Madden franchise.. he is also the head of a company obsessed with DLC, Micro transactions and "Pay for your shortcut" in some games.. yea Battlefield Specat and Kit shortcut I'm looking at you.

Outrageous as EA behavior is what piss me the most is Riccitiello current obsession on taking down Call of Duty with Battlefield, give me a f"•king brake DICE is perhaps one of the best studios out there IMO par on Bungie an what used to be Infinity Ward.. one of the 3 big names for shooters but fake tan Riccitiello doesn´t give a fuck and keeps proving he has no respect for EA´s best studio.

2.-Bobby Kotick - Don´t get fooled by this funny looking leper gnome, Bobby Kotick Activision´s CEO and certified money whore douche bag is the evil Master Mind of "Milk out to death your most popular franchise and then fire everyone who made you rich (with brute force and intimidation if posible)" strategy.. He´s been doing it since Tony Hawk days, for us old enough to remember having good times with Tony a decent soundtrack and crazy skate tricks, we have witness the future already.. where? in the 90s. Get ready COD fan boys your time is close.

1.- John Romero, Okey this is a personal matter: by now John Romer is most likely a industry joke a historic tragic figure, the biggest letdown in the early days I don´t know for whatever it worth he´s pretty much worthless by now, he is not evil he is not even a mind let out master.. he is just a irrelevant douche bag by now.. It doesn´t help that Johan Carmak his early friend and actual video game master mind is still a prominent figure in the industry and the genius behind the Id Tech engine who is on par with Unreal they both make the most trustable graphic technology out there.

So why is Romero in first you might wonder: this is a personal matter because as an Hispanic it baffles me that john ROMERO is wearing a widely popular Hispanic name .. like really? god damm luck so one of the industry biggest jokes is just named after half of my cousins, not niceee at all.

So there it goes people, remember the propose of this article is entertainment, if you looking for fact check scientific corroboration and journalist integrity here is not.. until next Peace!

by the way.. for you hispanic destructoides check my at español blog in www.tokyotown.mx laters
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