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Galacticferret´s Top 5 evil mind douche bags in the industry

This is my first list in this fine site and I was thinking on doing the "people I admire they so cool" stuff but then I realize there is like a lot of that already, so I'm going with the top 5 evil mind douche bags in the industry, with no more preamble here they are:

1.- John Romero, Okey this is a personal matter: by now John Romer is most likely a industry joke a historic tragic figure, the biggest letdown in the early days I don´t know for whatever it worth he´s pretty much worthless by now, he is not evil he is not even a mind let out master.. he is just a irrelevant douche bag by now.. It doesn´t help that Johan Carmak his early friend and actual video game master mind is still a prominent figure in the industry and the genius behind the Id Tech engine who is on par with Unreal they both make the most trustable graphic technology out there.

So why is Romero in first you might wonder: this is a personal matter because as an Hispanic it baffles me that john ROMERO is wearing a widely popular Hispanic name .. like really? god damm luck so one of the industry biggest jokes is just named after half of my cousins, not niceee at all.

So there it goes people, remember the propose of this article is entertainment, if you looking for fact check scientific corroboration and journalist integrity here is not.. until next Peace!

by the way.. for you hispanic destructoides check my at español blog in www.tokyotown.mx laters
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