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Dungeons the Eye of Draconus on Kickstarter! Help be a part of gaming history!


Pledge drive URL with video:

Small link:

Just the Video:

Are you ready for an early 90's multiplayer arcade experience? Then get ready for a Golden Axe parody with a serious pair of unicorns balls! Journey through ancient mountains, fight precocious Kobolds, raid an orkish fraternity, and deal with all kinds of crazy characters and bizarre situations in this comedic brawler: "Dungeons Episode 1: The Eye of Draconus."

Genre 2.5D Brawler

Platforms Windows PC Xbox 360 Indie Marketplace

- 3-Player Local Co-op
- Hand Painted Backgrounds
- Fluid sprite animation
- Comedic voice acting
- A giant fire breathing chicken

Pledge $1 or more
Thank you!

Pledge $10 or more
A copy of the PC game when it is released.

Pledge $15 or more
Name added to the credits as a contributor, a Kobold\\\'s Quest pin pack, beta access, plus all previous pledge levels.

Pledge $25 or more
Signed mini poster plus all previous pledge levels.

Pledge $35 or more
Signed poster, your name predominantly displayed in the credits, plus all previous pledge levels.

Pledge $100 or more
A wall scroll of one of our fabulous levels plus all previous pledge levels.

Pledge $150 or more
In-game Orc bro or babe version of yourself plus all previous pledge levels.

Pledge $250 or more
You will receive a copy of every PC game that Suckerfree Games releases and all previous pledges.

Pledge $500 or more
Worshipped as a God, we shall make a sprite shrine to you in the ending credits. (Note: You must provide us with a photo so we may properly make a sprite version of you.) And, of course, all previous pledges.

Pledge $1,000 or more
Have a unique in-game enemy based on your likeness or your design plus all previous pledges.

Let me know what you guys think, also if you have any questions feel free to ask and pass the link around if you'd be so kind. We'd love to be able to make the entire trilogy in one pass and give our pre-orders all 3 games bundled together :)
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