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C-Blog Interviews: Funktastic

Right. So I got this about a month ago, but for some reason it ended up in my spam folder and I didn't see it until last...Tuesday? So without further adieu, here it is. And boy is it a doozy.

First, a basic question. Why did you start blogging? And why here specifically?

Honestly, if you ask me, I don�t really consider myself a �blogger� per se. I�d consider myself more of a guy who just likes to share stuff he buys (because he�s a tard) with the community, in the hopes of hearing stories people have with said items and hopefully encouraging others to share their collections. Not a big writer if you�ve visited my blog, with the exception of a few choice pieces here and there. Enough with the technicalities.

I started blogging here, after close to two years of lurking, because I started to see people start to post their collections for the site, as they were featured on the now (unfortunately) defunct This Week in the Community feature that Hamza used to do every couple of weeks. As with most people (come on, you know deep inside it�s true), I wanted to break into the site and get some exposure, so I thought I�d try my hand at showing off my collection with the hope of making the front page through that feature. I didn�t think it would be too difficult, since I had a collection of around 600 games at the time (my, how time flies) and some of the collections that were previously featured were . . . small let�s say . . . =D I kicked off my first post on the site with a photo journey of my collection at the time, which wasn�t really an �intro post,� but most people kind of just accepted it as one. People showed interest in the stuff I was collecting and that�s how A Compulsive Collector�s Haul was born.

As to why here specifically? I know I lurked the front page for like a year MINIMUM before actually signing up to become a community member, but I want to say that I frequented the site for longer than that. I discovered the site from one of my old daily sites I�d visit, GorillaMask, as they linked to some sort of funny article on the site or some other. After using places like Gamespot, GameFAQs, and Nintendojo (I still like these guys) for my gaming news, and contributing along with �writing� for the now defunct UberNintendo/Gaming and Video Gamer X (who if you don�t know, pretty much had THE BEST The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time website ever, The Odyssey of Hyrule), Destructoid was a nice breath of fresh air that didn�t take themselves too seriously, had actual gaming news (instead of bullcrap like THQ�s stock going up by 5%) and covered some of the more �obscure� games I was interested in. Plus, the community didn�t seem like the wastes of life that frequent the first two sites I listed, so I decided to stick around and haven�t left ever since. d(�-�d)

One word to describe yourself.

Funktas . . . no . . . Asi . . . nah . . . we�ll go with . . . Chitalian! ^_^

Favorite Food.

This is such an unfair question since I�m such a big fan of all food! >_< I mean I could go with my heritage (;-D) and say butternut squash ravioli in a brown butter sauce, or gnocchi in either a gorgonzola dolce or pomodoro sauce! Even a nice big panani with some veggie spread, lettuce, tomatoes, roasted eggplant and red bell peppers, brimming with mortadella, capicolla, genoa salami, calabrese salami, prosciutto, and provolone cheese! Who could possibly question gelato? There�s also sushi, which is pretty damn self-explanatory. Still, if push came to shove though, I�d have to say a heaping bowl of phở (Vietnamese rice noodle soup that uses a beef broth base and is served with things like rare beef, beef brisket, beef tripe, beef meatballs, and beef tendon) would probably win out in the end! I could eat that stuff everyday!

Favorite Game.

Hands down, without a doubt, Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. I remember playing it at my friend�s house when I was a wee young�un, and being completely blown away by how gorgeous and �realistic� it looked on the SNES and how awesome and fun it was to finally get to play as Bowser and Peach. It was when I was first getting into RPGs, it was based on Mario, it was made my Squaresoft (which I still wouldn�t �know� about for another couple of years), and it was just all around fun. The dialogue between characters, the unique button time based battle system, the incredible looking environments, and the soundtrack . . . oh the soundtrack. It also began my �way� of playing games where I have to collect EVERYTHING in RPGs, and was one of the first games that forced me to replay it since there is a Hidden Chest that contains a Frog Coin that you can only get at practically the beginning of the game. I could go on forever about this game, but I�ll leave it at that. If anyone wants to be awesome and buy me the soundtrack, I would have no issues with that, hahaha! =P

How did you get to become a recapper?

I�m pretty sure they were doing an overhaul and Conrad issued a rallying call for some new Recappers and I said I�d go in as a Reservist. I�ve been on Recapper for close to two years now, but the �unofficial� regular Tuesday guy since around October 2010 I think. I don�t comment too much, nor do many blogs aside from my hauls, so it�s one of the ways I give back to the community.

What do you look for in a Topsauce?

Does the blog interest me? Is there a considerable amount of effort put into it? Is it well written? Is it something the community finds interesting or should it be brought to their attention? In my books, the C-Blog Interviews and anything posted by Niero or Hamza are the only guaranteed Topsauce items. There are some community members that do show up very frequently when I do the Recaps, but it�s more of they haven�t let me down yet, hahaha! A lot has to do with the substance of the blog as well, so just because you put in a lot of time and effort into something, it doesn�t necessarily instantly mean I�ll Topsauce it. Also, if you�re blogging only to be Topsauce�d, then you�re blogging for the wrong reasons.

So your collection�how big would you say it is and how strong is the security at your place�

What an interestingly suspicious question . . . hahaha! XD As of the writing of this interview, it�s just under 1,500 games! When I do hit that mark, expect yet another post from my ongoing series. I can�t even quantify the amount of swag, promo stuff, soundtracks, standees, posters, guides, not actually games but game related stuff I have. Let�s just say it�s enough to fill up a basement. Those that have seen the collection though, have also seen I�m very much so out of room for stuff, which is why I�m already somewhat planning how to set things up when I get my own place sometime later this year . . . hopefully. In terms of security, I�m in the process of getting it insured (as it can be considered an investment, hahaha) and well, since my family is Asian . . . the doors are always locked? The number of trips you�d have to make up and down the set of stairs to my basement, along with how much everything would weigh, would probably make most people give up after a couple boxes, duffel bags, whatever you were going to even think about using to �liberate� my games, hahaha.

If you could punch anyone here on dtoid, who would it be and why.

I would totally punch that Wry Guy guy, so that instead of just a blank faceless and white avatar, he�d have a slightly depressed blank faceless and white avatar, so you could somewhat distinguish him! ^_^ Hahaha! I would also punch TheCleaningGuy since he used to be cool man . . . what happened to you dude? =P

On a serious note, since you asked, I�ll actually be truthful unlike the other people you�ve interviewed . . . =P Hahaha! Chris Bradshaw for being so fucking stupid and taking shit way the hell too seriously and refusing to admit when he gets his fucking ass served on a silver platter by ACTUALLY intelligent people like Wry Guy. The current waste of life, epicsonson. A few people have heard my gripes about him, but holy fuck would DimmuJed be damn near the top of my list [Edit: I wrote this before he unfortunately came back, now it�s pretty top of the list beyond a measure of a doubt!]. I�ll leave it at that, and before anyone gets all up in my Kool-Aid for actually answering the question, while we may be a community, there�s always going to be cliques and people you just won�t like.

If you could hug anyone here on dtoid, who would it be and why.

Hmmm . . . this is a tough one. I�ll go with Zodiac Eclipse, since she�s a lady (I distinguish �hugs� and �bro hugs� from one another) and because she made me one of the most kickass things in existence . . . it�ll be in a collection post in a few weeks.

How long have you been collecting?

Hmmm, I�m turning 24 in a couple months, so it�s coming on roughly about 6 years of so. That is if you�re referring to like serious collecting. I didn�t start to seriously collect until I was about 18 and just finishing high school. Somehow I managed to begin the vast collection AFTER I started going to university, which doesn�t make sense since that�s the time when most people are poor as hell, but since I did a couple years of lameass engineering out east in Onterrible (where that na�ve and terrible sports team loving guy CelicaCrazed lives), I was in a co-op program where I had a number of work terms. I�m going to estimate I was at roughly 250 games (possibly even less, actually probably even less the more I think about it) during the summer of 2005. 6 years later and I�m damn near 1,500 . . . wow . . . that�s retarded . . . -_-� . . . hahaha!

What was the craziest or most extreme thing you did to get something?

You could say making eBay �friends� is pretty extreme, as I occasionally get emails about rare games or promo/swag stuff some sellers are going to put up and give me first dibs on. I�ve got to check my list of swag . . . *checks list* Hmmm, there�s also how I plan certain days of my PAX trips around when booths give out swag and even draw a time sensitive path on the expo hall map to maximize swag items.

I guess swag wise, I went to some extreme efforts to get Kingdom Hearts II and Final Fantasy XII standees. It was through an eBay �friend� and pretty much a private deal. For some reason, due to the �store�s� policy or something, they could only ship within the States due to the standees� awkward shape and size. So, after some shenanigans and non-eBay confirmed addressed, I managed to get them shipped to a lady friend I met on a cruise (this happened a number of years ago) in Connecticut, who managed to repackage the standees into a bigger and slimmer box, who then was heading to Canada, where she then mailed them to me from somewhere in Onterrible.

Gaming wise, I think the story in how I got my X-Men Arcade Machine would be the top contender in terms of extremes, since I had to use possumwrangler�s truck, had to win the auction to get the machine, move it in the rain, take it apart in a shed, use a wagon to move it comfortably, and yeah . . . hahaha.

If I were to tell you that you have one more day to live, what would you do.

Hmmm, this is a tough one, I�d just chill with all the people that I care about and just . . . chill? I�d eat me some delicious food, that�s for sure. Ensure �the collection� is in good hands. Rewatch Joe Sakic and the Colorado Avalanche in the 1996 and 2001 Stanley Cup Finals, along with (Sir) Ryan Giggs and Manchester United in the 1999 and 2008 Champions League Finals . . . and the final game of this year�s English Premier League when my beloved Red Devils win their 19th title and knock those Scousers bastards off their fuckin� perch! ^_^ And just for kicks . . . warn as many people as humanly possible that Hamza may flash his cock to you if he gets super hella drunk! Hahaha! =P

When I grow up I want to be�

Considering I already kind of am, I guess continue in my quest to be a responsible and levelheaded individual who can provide for himself, have a roof over his head, put food on the table, and maintain a comfortable standard of living, while being able to still collect games. Sticking to my beliefs, while still being able to listen to those of others and do my best to make sure people know both sides of all stories. Making sure to analyze what others say before being influenced or believing in what I hear. As the very intelligent Ludacris says: �A wise man makes his own decisions, an ignorant one follows public opinion.� Not being an attention whore, not being someone who uses cheap and �controversial� or immature language to gain attention, not being irresponsible with my money and buy frivolous things when it�s pretty well known I�m not off on the best financial footing, not depending on my parents for everything, not going to brag about being spoiled by said parents, not starting a family too young when I have no means to, not abandoning someone I should be committed to who I may have had a child with and just jumping ship and changing my sexuality and announcing it to the world when there�s millions of others who are of the same and trying to backtrack on some stereotypical comments because I�m an attention whoring waste of life . . . you know, the regular stuff that makes you an ACTUAL good person . . . =)

Now that I�m old I can finally�

Contribute to society and be a working member of the public, while laughing at those who look for excuses to not better themselves and think they�re �too good� for a job in bad economic times and would rather go on unemployment insurance than work at McDonald�s. Also, being able to invest in stocks and not rely on my parents for everything.

Where would you most like to travel or go to (events in time maybe?) and why.

I�ve been very fortunate and have been able to travel a fair amount of the world, but I would go back to the �motherland� in a heartbeat . . . Italy, and spend more time in Rome, the Tuscan countryside, and quite possibly the most gorgeous, laidback, and relaxing place in the world (so long as it doesn�t rain), Venice! Now I�m getting all sad mentioning it, but Japan as well, since there�s just so much stuff there to see, take in, and just experience. It�s still heartbreaking to see places I was just a couple months ago, in ruins or just empty. In terms of something I�ll have to do before I grow too old to do it, go on a multi-month European adventure and watch football matches in all the stadiums of the big teams, culminating in a trip to Manchester United�s Old Trafford where they win some sort of title!

Events in time though, I would totally make it so somehow I could influence some sort of government policy so that Taco Bell would ALWAYS have the Chicken Club Chalupa on their menu, Popeye�s would be everywhere in Canada with their infinitely superior chicken and biscuits, Cherry Coke would rain down from the skies, and basically all kickass American fast food would be available in Canada.

Lastly, why do things seem to fall into your lap and what exactly did you give the devil?

I assume you�re referring to some of the things I�ve gotten for my collection. I don�t know. As I mentioned in my only Monthly Musing, I just try to be a nice guy, do the right thing, be VERY appreciative of those who have been good to me, and be a good human being? Obviously I have certain pet peeves and a bit of a mean streak, which may or may not have been read above, hahaha, but I try to give people a chance and am just generally interested in people and differing views. I guess I�ve had a number of things fall into my lap, mainly because I�ve given my heart and soul to the Red Devils, and they have blessed me with many trophies, entertaining football, and many things to cheer about! GLORY GLORY MAN UNITED!

If you can ask the community a question, what would it be?

Is it seriously that difficult to NOT comment on Failblogs or on blogs that are obviously written by trolls?

We want better quality blogs and for the Cblogs to be more inviting for people to write in, but all we do is give a shitload of comments to a piece of trash blog, while those who are actually making an attempt to write some thought provoking stuff about games only has the feedback of a couple people. We want the trolls and the shitty bloggers to get the hell out, but all we do is feed them with pictures, comments, attempts to have a �discussion� with them when you KNOW they won�t respond, etc. We�re responsible for the Cblogs guys . . . let�s PLEASE try to make them a better place.
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