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The Metallic Taste After Waking Up



I just got up from a nap.

Well�I mean, I got up from a nap about 30 minutes ago.

I think that�s a good place to start.


I am so envious of people who can take a 30 min. � 1 hour nap and wake up feeling refreshed. Whenever I take a nap, I somehow feel worse than before. Probably the reason why I don�t take naps.
There will however be those days where one cannot keep his eyes open and on those days I sacrifice the next hour to the demon of lethargy. For you great and terrible monster, my next hour and half until I take a shower and return to my conscious, awake, yet still tired status of pre-nap, thus defeating the purpose of the nap to begin with and effectively and brutally murdering the past hour and half. I�ve killed time, strangled it while it was sleeping�while I was sleeping. I mourn you lost time for without you, I am older and none too wiser.


Long time ago, I joined the poetry club. I never had an interest in poetry, but I needed an extra-curricular that would allow me to laze around and listen to music without anybody getting in my way. What could poets do to me? Break my legs?
Well turns out they got me hooked on writing poems and back in my youth I wrote some depressing and low quality shit. Today, I occasionally write the quirky poem to impress the ladies.
Here�s one I wrote after growing up.

I�m looking for a lever,
A lever to pull.
Once I pull this lever,
Nothing will remain full.

Like the trapdoor that opens from beneath,
This lever will drain the excess.
The things that were full to the brim,
Will need to go, to reach success.

A cleansing process,
A clearing process,
A necessary process,
An inevitable asset.

I have found my lever,
My plastic pull
Upon the porcelain throne.
Zip, swish, flush,
My troubles are now gone.

It�s about going to the bathroom.


Because I don�t want to put a big fat NVGR on the title, I will include this short thing about games�.The only thing I�ve been playing is Reach and Red Dead Redemption. Both of which I love. Crossing into Mexico.


I don't comment a lot. I've tried many times, but after reading something, I fap, compliment in Twitter or over Live, and move on knowing that something someone else wrote will affect me for the rest of my life (unless it was bad). Same thing for the front pages too. I wish I commented more, but as of now...I fap. A lot healthier I think.


They've changed. But war...war never changes.


Are on hiatus.

I don�t want people to disappear between now and the time I return with interviews so I will be releasing my secret list of people I want to interview�.well, actually I won�t�.here are the names at the top of the list though. (Not a complete list mind you, just people I�ve wanted to interview for MONTHS!!!!)

Capt Bus
Chilly Billy
Master Snake


Naps waste precious life
Every breath, I devour time
Damn you to Hell Naps!
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