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Games you might have missed #1

So lately, I've setup ePSXe on my PC. I've been inspired by one of my friends to actually finish games, rather than just play them. And looking back, most of the game I finished were short (usually shooters). Occasionally I beat an RPG or so, so I went back into PSX gaming to start it all off. And I remembered a few games from my childhood that I should give a try. And looking through what people have been saying about these three games, I feel it is my duty to share to you these games which I love with a passion and want to spread the word about

Intelligent Qube

I only ever had the demo for it as a kid. And I played the hell out of it. If you ask me to name a really good puzzle game back in the day, I'd say this would be the epitome of puzzle games for the PSX generation. The idea was simple but pulling it all off was a bit more complicated. You would have to time every move perfectly when the game starts to pick up, and if you accidentally push Triangle too early, you can end up falling off of the entire stage.

It was a very simple game, yet interesting none the less. I could sit for hours on a Qube-grinding session (though I'm not sure the term “grinding” is appropriate for a puzzle game). Gray cubes can be destroyed by laying a blue block underneath it and detonating it. The black qubes cannot be destroyed or you will lose one row of your level, making it easier for you to fall off. When a green cube is destroyed, it lays down a 3x3 green cube that, once detonated, will destroy all qubes in its area.

This is one of those few games that I can't really explain why I liked it so much. Simply writing about how good it was doesn't seem to fulfill my purpose. It's not a nostalgia-goggles factor, because I can play it as seriously and as much as more modern games while being entertained.

Silent Bomber

I owe this game to my dad's weird sense of video games. He bought this game randomly one day and he loved the game a LOT. It was a long time ago, so my memory's a bit blurry, but I believe it was the first video game I saw him beat (Although I know he beat other games).

It was an incredibly fast paced game that was really original for it's time frame, and would still be considered original in modern day. You shot bombs, and detonated them whenever with multiple different types of bombs and chained bombs, and bomb bombs, and more. You'd have to think on your feet while keeping notice of what you have left during the massive fights you encounter.

It's a miracle that I still have a logitech dual action that works fine with my PC and can make experiences like this still very liveable. Playing through it again is rough though, because I'm not used to this kind of gameplay anymore. It's something I don't see nowadays that I would like to see. Hell, make another Silent Bomber. I'll have it on preorder.


I don't know what got my parents to buy this game when I was a kid. Maybe I asked it from them? Maybe they wanted it themselves? Regardless, I'm really glad we ended up buying it. Of course, this was a long time ago and my memory has gotten a bit foggy on it. But this is why I have ePSXe. I can finally go back and play the great games that I miss.

Looking back, it's story starts off a bit generic but later adds to depth to what seems to be a weak story. Gameplay is simple, yet fun and challenging. The music was beautiful. The graphics were pretty good for it's time frame. And yet not many people know about what I would consider to be one of my favorite RPGs of all time.

Again, it's not a nostalgia-goggles factor, it's actually a really good game. The first boss fight had me on the edge of my seat and it was pretty hard because it never looked like it would end. Hopefully, I'll have a chance to get the sequel going after I beat Alundra.


Thanks for reading, and I hope you really give these games a try if you haven't already. I really want to spread the word of these games I feel don't get enough credit for how good they really were. And also, if you wouldn't mind, if you want to see more “Games you might have missed”, by all means comment below and mention that. I'm still not sure if you all want to hear about these games or not, I'm just sharing some opinions on these hidden gems.
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