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Package: Lords of Boner (Picture Heavy)

So guess what? I got a package today! Yaaaaaayyyyyayayayayayay! Who's it from this time you might ask? It's from the one and only ChillyBilly, one of my best bros around! Lets take a look at what he sent, shall we?

This is what I found taking up my mailbox today... fucking space hogger.

Sup bro?

So let's open this bad boy and see what's inside...

*Looks at calendar* Hey Chilly, you missed April Fo... Oh wait...

Haha... yeah, there we are!

Hell yes, Castlevania: Lord of Shadows! I have been meaning to pick this up!

Oh? And he sent me a Pip-Boy Fallout 3 Bobble head? AWESOME!

Fun fact: I wanted to get the special edition just for the bobble head.

For now, I have him resting on top of my my big old 90s television!

Seriously, I love you Chilly. You are the man, much love bro. I owe you one big brofist.

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