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Friday's Random Ramblings

So, I received Ghost Recon Shadow Wars from GameFly earlier today. Normally I dislike the Ghost Recon series but considering that this one is a turn-based squad centric strategy title and based on some very positive reviews I had seen, I ordered it. Iím going out tomorrow to buy it. Itís a great launch title for the 3DS. It doesnít look as nice as it could but thatís not really the point. It does make decent use of the 3D though by giving you a better look at uneven battlefield terrain. Iíve played quite a few of the 3DS launch games and if youíre picking up a 3DS soon, here are my recommendations for something to play on it:

Nintendogs + Cats Ė I make this recommendation only for people that didnít play the original as itís basically the same with a few added features. It makes excellent use of the 3D and the pedometer function which rewards you based on how many steps you took while walking your pet is a nice feature for those of us that take our 3DS everywhere.

Unfortunately, thatís all I can actually recommend out of the 3DS launch titles. Of course, there are other titles that fans of their respective series will pick up like Super Monkey Ball 3D, Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D, and Madden Football. Steel Diver is, interesting. Itís not a bad game at all but it is something different and not for everyone. I would suggest that you try it before you buy it. Itís one of those love it or hate it type of games.

Iím still waiting on my ZAGG invisibleShield. I was informed today that theyíre on back-order which doesnít really surprise me. Theyíre fantastic quality screen protectors. Iíve had mine on my phone for about a year now and it has protected my touch screen from some pretty serious use. Iíll be glad when it comes in, Iím very nervous about having my 3DS screens unprotected.
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