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What, seriously?

"The rest of the Fortune article has Jack going on about how great 3D is. In their products. He doesn't say anything about the glasses-free 3D in the 3DS."

The 3DS is a great product and I applaud Nintendo for their investment and what they made. A portable, glasses free 3D game player. At a major sacrifice, though. The 3DS is designed to be PORTABLE, meaning car and bus rides, train rides and walking from one place to another. It's redundant to have a mobile device who's main selling point is 3D if the 3D only works when the system is stationary.

Granted, Sony's 3D requires you to buy a very expensive 3DTV, but you don't have to buy a PS4 to achieve that affect. You just get a patch which sets up 3D, and works with all 3D games and movies, as well as ALL Playstation 3 consoles. Depending on the quality of the brand of TV you buy, you might have very limited 3D view like the 3DS, or a very wide range of 3D that you can move around in. But again, that's an option that Nintendo doesn't give you. The 3DS' problem is no MATTER what, you can't move it while using 3D. If that's the case, then again, redundancy speaks for itself.

And on the subject of the original DS, I give Nintendo that they made a great innovative technology with touch sensitive gaming and multiple screens, and it has many games in the JRPG/casual game market, opposed to that of say the PSP. I'm not going to lie and say I think that the PSP has a GREAT deal of games, but it does have a much more mature lineup of games that I like to have in my main console library like Metal Gear Solid, Resistence and Killzone. But if you're looking to do something that doesn't involve Mario, a port of Resident Evil: Director's Cut, or battle Pokemon, it's a pretty poor example of a game player that a 25 year old man would have on him.

"...but you can't mess with how successful the DS line is."

Success=/=library. The Nintendo Wii sold 84 million units, but it's often the most pointed example of proof that quantity-of-sales=\=Quality of games. Comparing sales is stupid. The PlayStation 3 is growing higher and higher as having the most critically acclaimed lineup, but it has the LEAST amount of units sold. So don't go throwing 'successful" at me.

Seriously. I only come here through Twitter now and then and don't pay attention to who writes articles, but in three days I've seen posts that were completely biased in one form or another, like a Call of Duty fanboy who is thrashing EA for saying that Battlefield 3 is made to stomp out its competition. Like, who approves those posts? I may seem like I'm taking sides here, but at least I'm using LOGIC and am motivated by actual research mixed with opinion, in contrast to posts like the one I'm replying to that is very prejudice.

Like, damn.
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