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Aaamaazing: A Whole New Planet

I really could not think of a good enough title.

I could write every blog about FFX. I really could. Nothing would stop me. I'd be the king of my own blogs and you all could either complain or live with it. So when this monthly musing topic was brought upon me, the first thought was FFX. But then I realized it was the ultimate cheat code to my blogs, seeing how easy it was for me to be positive about it.

So, the solution? Pick another game, obviously. But looking through my PC games, I realize it'd be way too damn easy (Portal, Minecraft, Oblivion, etc.). Besides, most games for PC, I've already given credit to in some way. Except for one that I never really speak of. So what better time to praise this game other than now?

This game, Is Lost Planet for PC.

Lost Planet was also the first game in which I've piloted a giant mecha-thing. It was the first experience I've ever had with something like that, and I enjoyed the feel to it. I'd fight bosses with it and enjoy every second. Sure they were clunky and slow, but that just added to the realism in my mind which said that mechas that big and powerful could only really handle themselves by going slowly. The feeling of matching the size of the enemy I'm about to kill is just amazing. They see a little guy get into a giant mecha and proceed to destroy them.

So how is Lost Planet Aaaaaamazing to me? Workable controls, fun gameplay, a deep sense of immersion, and the feelings it gives me that not many other games can deliver. I can't really recall many times where I've felt as awesome as I have hopping into a mecha, spinning up two miniguns, and unleashing hell onto whatever was picking on me. I love the scenes where I get chased by GIANT creatures like greeneye because it gives me an objective and a reason why I should do it. It won't forgive me for taking a break. I love how well the colors contrast; all of the whites and reds. But most of all, the gameplay is incredibly solid. I enjoyed every last bit of Lost Planet.
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