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5 Freeware Indie Games You Should Play: Batch #3

Hello friends, and welcome back to my freeware indie blog!

To start, I'd like to address a problem I've been having regarding higher res 3D indie games. I haven't been able to play them. Apparently, my laptop is not a particularly great gaming platform, so several games such as Octodad, Devil's Tuning Fork, Which, Q.U.B.E., etc. haven't been able to run properly or have been super laggy. This is a real shame as many of these games look extremely interesting to me. Especially Octodad, from which a screen shot is currently being used as my desktop background... maybe I'll have to hijack my friend's computer for a few days. Until then, however, I unfortunately won't be mentioning too many (if any) high resolution indie games. But if you're a huge fan of retro graphics like I am then you're in luck!

Now, let us commence batch #3:

Desktop Dungeons by QCF Design

Desktop Dungeons is so goddamn addicting! It's a roguelike dungeon-crawler where you roam about randomly generated dungeons fighting monsters, acquiring magic spells, praying to gods, buying items and ultimately attempting to kill the boss of the dungeon. The dungeon maps are revealed to you as you explore them. You begin at level 1 and must fight lower levels monsters to level up and eventually become strong enough to fight the level 10 boss. You can choose which enemies you want to fight whenever you feel ready as long as they have been revealed on the map. There are a total of 7 races and 18 classes to choose from as well as 9 different modes of play, although most of these have to be unlocked before you can use them. The game's astounding replayability comes from the randomization of the dungeons as well as the cleverly crafted unlock system. The game has an abundance of unlockable races, classes, modes, spells, items and monsters which ensure that gameplay is always changing and never becomes boring. Desktop Dungeons is a great game to play casually, as each dungeon should only take about 10 minutes to complete. It also requires a lot of strategy and planning in order to master the game, however. You always have to be conscious of your surroundings, make sure you'll be able to heal yourself, and plan out strategies for defeating certain enemies or deciding which gods to worship or which items to buy. Defeating the bosses is usually no easy task, especially in some of the special modes which require you to defeat multiple bosses. The only drawback to this game that I can find is that you occasionally will have the bad luck of getting placed in an impossible dungeon where all of the monsters near you are higher level and are blocking you from exploring the rest of the dungeon. This doesn't happen very often, but it can be annoying. Fortunately, you can quickly restart with a new, hopefully less impossible dungeon in no time at all. Definitely give this game a go if you haven't already.

8Bit Killer by locomalito

Locomalito has quickly become one of my favorite indie developers, and I've been trying to decide which of his games to talk about first. I decided on 8Bit Killer since it was the first one that I played, although all of his games are fantastic! 8Bit Killer is an FPS game similar in style to Wolfenstein 3D. You play as the leader of a team of soldiers in their mission to destroy a creature known as Master Brain to stop it from attacking their cities. You must traverse each level, killing any enemies that you see while collecting health and ammo. There are 6 different weapons which you can find hidden among the levels, as well as several secret areas to discover which will permanently increase your health or ammo (until you die). The game features five pretty sweet boss battles, really cool looking 8-bit graphics rendered in a 3D world, and a very catchy soundtrack which I found myself humming for quite some time. I also really like the character designs; the main character looks very sleek and badass, and the helmeted, shirtless enemies are quite iconic. There are no savepoints in this game, and you get two continues, but with a little bit of practice and smart rationing of health and ammo it shouldn't be too hard to beat. The game took about an hour for me to complete. If you like this one, be sure to check out Locomalito's other games, most of which I'll be discussing sometime in the future as well (although probably not Hydorah, which might be his most popular game. I absolutely suck at Hydorah).

suteF by Ted Lauterbach

suteF is a very bizarre and chilling puzzle platformer. You must guide a blue character, possibly named Aramas, through a strange and horrific world called the Abyss on a quest to destroy an entity known as Fetus. At different points in the game, you will play as three different versions of the blue character, each with their own abilities (or disabilities). I suppose it could be up to interpretation as to whether these are all different versions of the same character, or three completely different characters. Abilities include jumping (although only vertically), climbing and using a grappling hook, and you must solve puzzles in order to reach the goal (usually a static-y TV) at the end of each level. There are also seven hidden levels (I believe, there could be more or less as I haven't found them all) known as Void Rim levels, which are especially difficult to solve. There are five chapters in the game, and it shouldn't take too long to beat unless you're trying to find all of the hidden levels as well. There is also a space for a sixth chapter (Chapter E), although it hasn't been released yet. The developer said he might release a special edition and add Chapter E if the game does really well. The graphics in this game are phenomenal, with excellent spritework and environments that give the game a very creepy and paranoid mood. The music and sound effects are also appropriately eerie. The game comes with an epilepsy warning, however, as there are a lot of flashing lights, flickering and other strange effects. It's a very bizarre and entertaining game with a dark and interesting story that leaves interpretation up to the player. You should definitely play this game and recommend it to others, and hopefully we'll get to see Chapter E someday!

Chalk by Joakim Sandberg

Chalk is a very stylistic arcade game based on... well, chalk. You must guide the protagonist around the screen, avoiding contact with various obstacles and enemies while using a piece of chalk to destroy them all. Various obstacles require different strategies in order to destroy them, such as connecting dots or reflecting projectiles back at them. Each stage has a mid-boss and a final boss which require much more creative means of defeating them. You must use your mouse to manipulate the chalk in different ways and figure out the best methods of defeating enemies and destroying or blocking obstacles. There are six stages in the game, and you get a graded score at the end of each stage. You also get several lives and three continues, and can continue from a checkpoint or from the start of a stage. The game features a very unique style of graphics based on chalk drawings as well as an awesome soundtrack. It's quite a fun and charming game!

Jumper Three by Matt Thorson

Jumper Three is my favorite of Matt Thorson's Jumper games. You play as Ogmo, the hero of the Jumper series, in his quest to find a home on a strange planet. It's a rather difficult platformer that requires you to traverse levels filled with pits, spikes, blades, lava and many other obstacles. Throughout the game, Ogmo will split into five different forms, each a different color and each with special abilities including the ability to hover, grapple, create platforms or perform a super jump. You must alternate between these forms in order to beat each level and collect all of the coins. There are no lives, so if you die you can just pick a new character and quickly start over again. Coins can be used to skip any levels that you find to be too difficult, or you can use them to buy hats instead, which don't really do anything other than make Ogmo impossibly adorable. The top hat and monocle, pictured above, is my personal favorite accessory. The game features very cute, retro graphics, which I found much more sleek and appealing in this game than in Thorson's previous Jumper games (probably because he got rid of those ugly outlines). The game also contains 50 levels, as well as 10 extra unlockable levels, which provide for hours of fun and replayability.

And that concludes my third batch of excellent freeware indie games. I hope you guys are enjoying these games so far, and be sure to donate to the developers if you want to be awesome!
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