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Technical Difficulties: A Self-Reflection


But that brings us to room 16, my potential Carnival Night Zone act 2 error in communication (if you played Sonic 3 you know what Iím talking about. If not, go to the scene select of this and click the 3rd to last sketch on the second page). While itís a hilarious as a sketch, itís easily one of the most nightmarish non-communications of ďwhat do I need to do?Ē in a video game. My concern is whether people will remember the Air Dive button. I primarily put in in there as just an option that people might find useful; not once has it been required to progress. It wasnít until room 16 that you NEED to use it in order to not hit your head on the spike ceiling. If you had played CatGrim before reading this Iíd be curious to know how many of you forgot about it. (And if you did, did you end up checking the pause menu since the controls are on it?) It definitely has the potential of being an error that results in a false difficulty caused by the player not remembering they have a mechanic I didnít require them to use until now.

Which brings us to the final room. The first time I beat this room it took me 45 minutes. This time it took me about 15. That marks twice now that Iíve beaten room 18. It's the last level, by that rule it should be the hardest level. Sadistic is a good word. Enjoy those suspended wall jumps at the end...if you make it that far ;)

Well Iíve enjoyed doing this reflection, it makes me feel pretty good about my ramp up in difficulty, but if you have your own 2 cents chime in in the comments. One of the most important things do to when you make a game is not get an inflated ego and be open to the fact that your game will have flaws, and the only way you can get better is to acknowledge those flaws. Sonic 3 & Knuckles may be my favorite game of all time, but I will NEVER forget the nightmare of Carnival Night Zone act 2, so the last thing I want to do is recreate that error, so if any of you truly think my error is comparable to that let me know. Itís an updatable flash game so at the very least I could put a sign on the ship that says ďAir Dive!Ē (It would have been lovely if there was a sign next to the barrel in Carnival Nights).

man i almost didnt make it, the month is just about to end
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