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So i know that little big planet 2 already came out and i WAS supost to get the PS3 but instead i got the xbox360 but im realy saving up to get a PS3 and get mortal combat when it comes out and i might even go to the launch to get it.Bungie.com is realy starting to go down hill because its not giving info any more,only stuff like ''BUY THIS GAME FOR THE JAPAN RELEIF'' and i would love to help japan but 1st i come to bungie.com to get info on games not help japan.i've already helped japan because i put 20 bucks in a fund jar at a local 7 eleven.so mortal combat is coming out real so,by real soon i mean 1-1 and a half weeks and i know you want to get your hands on it and if you live in seattle and your going to the north gate mall game stop then you might get nead in the balls by me,nudged in the gut by me,or spit in the eyes by me.also,duke nukem is coming out in april or may so now you REALY need to save up if your gunna get duke nukem and mortal.so dont buy any other video games tell you get your hands on 1 of those games.

Bungie should make another great combat series just like halo so they can get some more cash for ultra good graphics programs and all that but i think they still dont know what to do with the money they made with halo because if they did they would have another agme out.I geuss this isn't the game making season or somthing.by the way peeps i have a favorite turm,i dont know about you but my favorite turm is...
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