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CatGrim, a game made by me for you internet people


Hello Destructoid, long time no me. You can call me JSL cuz there are a lot of Justin's out there. I'm not much of a chatter box but I'm here everyday reading your news and shenanigans. But enough with the formalities, I'm here today to tell you guys about the first game Iíve released, CatGrim, which you guys can play on Newgrounds. I'd love to hear everybodyís opinions (users or staff) on what you think.

Double conveniently you guys are doing both a new indie games promotion and a monthly musing about difficulty so if i can get some free time before the month ends i think Iíll use the monthly musing as a kind of public postmortem on what i think of the difficulty of CatGrim, so if you have any in-depth opinions about the difficulty you should share them then.

Here's my twitter and facebook for tomoAwasu for those of you who want to keep up with any announcements i might make. Though Iíll also post that news here on Destructoid so you guys will always be in the loop.

*If you see CatGrim on any other websites itís because the internet ninja thieves act really fast, though it seems once i set up some fancy newgrounds security its put a stop to that since all those websites now have outdated versions.*
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About JSLone of us since 7:33 PM on 02.07.2010

It all began one faithful Christmas morn when a Sega Genesis and a copy of Sonic 2 were sitting beneath my TV. I will never forget that first moment it booted up and the famous "Sega" jingle was sung. So Iím a huge sonicfanboy but Iíll be the first to point out flaws in any of the games. I was never a part of any of the Sega vs. Nintendo mentality because within a few years i became the proud owner of an N64 and a Gameboy Color. Here are 10 of my favorite games off the top of my head:

1) Sonic 3 & Knuckles
2) A Link to the Past
3) Wario Land 4
4) Drill Dozer
5) Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat
6) Kirby Canvas Curse
7) SMB2: Yoshiís Island
8) Paper Mario
9) The World Ends With You
10) Sonic Adventure 2: Battle

Though the game that changed everything was Super Smash Bros Melee. I started thinking about what other characters could be in the game. I literally have hundreds of pages of video game character and anime characters that I wrote down how they would play and special moves they would use. That is when I realized I wanted to be a game designer. That was August 2002. Now in March 2011 Iíve released my first game, CatGrim on Newgrounds.

Destructoid is the most amazing thing Iíve ever stumbled across (thanks to Hey Ash being on Gametrailers; very good marketing idea whoever it was who thought of partnering with Gametrailers). I've also looked into you guys (Modern Method, how Neiro started it all, etc) and i never imagined such an awesome organization of this scale existed in the world of many corrupt big businesses. Iíll be sure to keep you guys in the loop of any games I make or am involved with.

twitter for tomoAwasu
facebook for tomoAwasu